Translation of torsion in Spanish:


torsión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɔrʃən//ˈtɔːʃ(ə)n/


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    torsión feminine
    • In addition, the Ramachandran Z-score, which measures deviation of backbone torsion angles from commonly seen distributions, was well within the normal range of values.
    • Axial, shear, and torsion stresses were relatively low compared with bending stresses for both species.
    • Our few preserved large bronze statues make a striking contrast to the many extant statuettes, whose complex movements and marked torsion make them strongly three-dimensional.
    • If the pole has not got sufficient strength, there is a tendency to torsion or slight movement which renders the installation futile.
    • As the cantilever executes small torsion resonant oscillations by twisting about its long axis, the cantilever's free end and the AFM tip rotate a very small angle about that axis.
    • Hydrophobic interactions and other geometrically nonspecific interactions are lumped together and modeled using effective torsion, v, and H-bond to solvent, u, energy terms.
    • The downward shift is attributed to a decrease of the bond order of C 13 = C 14 due to its torsion.
    • The intramolecularly averaged torsion angles Î and Î are related quantities because these torsions control the glucose tilt angles.
    • We have indicated that the salt-bridge stretching mechanism involves solely reorientation of the positively charged polarized bonds due to torsion of the polyene chain at the linkage to Lys - 296.
    • The main difference is that in the present case there is no free rotation around the linker, and so torsion is transmitted.
    • These structures are highly polymorphic and the strand polarity and glycosidic torsion angles are affected by the nature of the cations, the connecting loops, the capping bases, and the presence of other bases.
    • The overall conformational energy of a molecular system is presented as the sum of van-der-Waals interactions, electrostatic interactions, and torsion energies.
    • The major reason for this was that the barrier joints were weak in torsion and when impacted by a vehicle, instead of sliding over, the barrier pitched allowing the vehicle to readily ride up the side.
    • In the human lumbar spine their angulation limits torsion, at a single intervertebral joint, to about 30.
    • In turn, every backbone torsion angle was tested as a potential hinge point.
    • A torsion typical of anamorphosis twists the image, crumples it and alters it, attempting to introduce the eccentrical into the field of view.
    • Perhaps the length of the girdle elements was designed precisely to prevent and dampen torsion while making the most of the relatively small vertical motions possible with a lizard-like leg structure.
    • The VVA team leaned toward using self-piercing rivets to join components, but after testing the method under impacts and torsion loads found that the rivets alone wouldn't be enough.
    • As only library rotamers are used for heavy atom conformers, these are near torsion minima and their torsion energies are set to zero.
    • The hollow-section aluminum control arms, highly rigid in torsion and flex, absorb a large portion of the forces acting on the wheels.