Translation of torus in Spanish:


toro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɔrəs//ˈtɔːrəs/


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    toro masculine
    • To be rigorous, the hole is not actually in the torus: the torus is the surface and the hole is in the space around the surface.
    • Because the two periods are not related by an integer but are incommensurate, the system does not flow toward a closed path but instead orbits without converging on the surface of the torus.
    • I found there that the solution of Archytus involves three surfaces - torus, cylinder, and cone.
    • There are three classical attractors, a point which characterises a steady state system, a closed loop which characterises a periodic system, and a torus which combines several cycles.
    • Intuitively, this is a consequence of the fact that two lineages can be functionally separated by a greater distance in a rectangle than in a torus.
    • The surface area of the inside portion of a torus can be obtained by integrating Eq. 4, which yields
    • ‘In other words, each solution could be drawn on the surface of a torus,’ he notes.
    • In the formula of the curve given above the torus is formed from a circle of radius a whose centre is rotated along a circle of radius r.
    • To avoid edge effects, the lattice is represented on a circle for a one-dimensional model or a torus for a two-dimensional model.
    • We can also represent the flat hexagonal torus as a tiling of flat space, as in fig.9.
    • All the quasi-fuchsian subgroups correspond to pairs of once-punctured tori, but as one tends to the boundary a certain curve on one of the tori may get squeezed to a point.
    • The surface of a sphere is a good example, as is a torus (the mathematical name for the shape of the surface of a quoit, or a ring-shaped doughnut).
    • ‘And it stands to reason that they would have other toruses dotting the quadrant,’ Maria speculated.
    • The resulting surface is a two-manifold called a torus.
    • A small patch of a sphere or torus surface looks almost like a piece of a flat plane and has area rather than volume.
    • ‘It appears the torus is rotating like a wheel,’ she continued.
    • The Clifford torus is generated by a family of circles.
    • A bagel can serve as a physical model for a mathematical surface called a torus.
    • Into how many pieces can one cut a torus using two planes?
    • You can see a movie of a flat surface becoming a torus at this page about Paper Strip Activities.
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    toro masculine
    bocel masculine
    • The gadrooned flattened torus moulding, shown on the shelf or footrest of the stand in the engraving also appears on the stretchers of the Blenheim stands.
    • A long cylindrical bar of orange-painted steel evokes a tori (temple gate) and serves as a balustrade.
    • One stand has a torus molding with red-painted triglyph and metopal sections, while a lower register has alternating black and white sections.
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    receptáculo masculine