Translation of toss in Spanish:


lanzamiento, n.

Pronunciation: /tɑs//tɔs//tɒs/


  • 1

    lanzamiento masculine
    give the salad a toss mezcla la ensalada
    • with a toss of his head con un movimiento brusco de la cabeza
    • Consider a person who is betting on coin tosses and the prior outcomes were Heads, Tails, Tails, Heads, Heads, Heads.
    • The reason is that H and T represent heads and tails in a sequence of coin tosses.
    • Such a graph reveals that for the spins and velocities typically encountered in coin tosses, tiny changes in initial conditions make the difference between heads and tails.
    • He was probably sitting upright in bed, his untidy brown hair, that I teased never had seen a hair brush before, in a horrifying mess, from all the tosses and turns he made in his sleep.
    • I quickly scooped him up and dropped him into his tank of pure spring water so he didn't dry out but I didn't see this lasting long unless he started to win the home-turf advantage coin tosses.
    • The players in the group then establish a playing order - one through four in a foursome - by calling coin tosses, chipping toward a tee marker or any other simple method.
    • I love coin tosses and am thinking about starting a website dedicated solely to documenting each and every coin toss result from each and every sporting event in the history of the world.
    • Participants were told either that they would be betting on two blocks of six coin tosses, or on two blocks of seven.
    • This sequence of coin tosses will not, however, trigger a design inference.
    • And Telicia, a lefty, got two of her three tosses through a moving hoop in that event.
    • Consider a statistician, sitting down to construct a table for his new textbook, which will show a normal distribution of heads and tails over a series of one-hundred coin tosses.
    • The palm of my hand brushed up against hers; causing a spark of emotions through my arm, paining my stomach with tosses and turns.
    • The situation is analogous to trying to estimate the bias of two unfair coins from a series of tosses.
    • There'd be some coin tosses made, and probably even some arguments.
    • Like coin tosses, there may be no salient causation to be discerned in the outcomes.
    • He blocked errant pitches in the dirt, expertly framed borderline tosses, turning them into strikes and worked masterfully with pitchers.
    • He was not saying that the probability of getting just one head from ten coin tosses is the same as that of getting five heads.
    • The situation with share selection strategies and investment funds is more complicated than coin tosses because there are so many different factors at work.
    • Come on, this whodunit tale is quite engrossing with its frequent tosses, turns and twists.
  • 2

    (of coin)
    to decide sth on / by the toss of a coin decidir / sortear algo a cara o cruz / (a cara o sello etc. )
    • to win/lose the toss ganar/perder en el sorteo
    • not to give a toss
    • I don't give a toss what you think a mí me importa carajo lo que pienses
    • to argue the toss seguir discutiendo

transitive verb

  • 1

    (ball) tirar
    (ball) lanzar
    (ball) aventar Peru Mexico Colombia
    (pancake) darle la vuelta a
    (pancake) dar vuelta Southern Cone
    they tossed their bags into the corner aventaron las maletas en el rincón
    • he tossed the stick into the river lanzó / tiró el palo al río
    • she tossed the letter aside contemptuously apartó la carta bruscamente y con desprecio
    • let's toss a coin echémoslo a águila o sol
    • the bull tossed the matador el toro volteó al matador
    • this horse has never tossed a rider este caballo no ha volteado / derribado a ningún jinete

    lanzándolo al aire

  • 2

    (cargo/passengers/boat) sacudir
    (boat/passengers/cargo) zarandear
  • 3

    (move abruptly)
    (head) sacudir
  • 4

    (salad) mezclar
    to toss sth in flour rebozar algo en harina
  • 5USinformal


intransitive verb

  • 1

    (be flung about)
    (boat) bambolearse
    (boat) dar bandazos
    to toss and turn dar vueltas en la cama
  • 2

    (flip coin)
    echar una moneda a cara o cruz
    echar una moneda a cara o sello Andes Venezuela
    echar una moneda a cara o ceca Argentina
    echar una moneda a águila o sol Mexico
    to toss for sth
    • we tossed for the last apple nos jugamos la última manzana a cara o cruz (/ a cara o sello etc. )