Translation of tosspot in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtɒspɒt//ˈtɔsˌpɑt/



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    • Thanks for all the help, you complete tosspots.
    • Asked if he ever sits in business class while flying, he replies: ‘I don't want to be up there with all the tosspots.’
    • But my favourite ever Boiler Room article was undoubtedly aimed at Channel 4 tosspots Mel & Sue.
    • Can you do your job properly, or are you a gibbering tosspot?
    • You may trot around with a silver bunch of grapes on your lapel, peddling intoxicants to expense-account tosspots and huff when I quibble at the mark-up but I have just published the novelistic fruit of 35 years of miserable introversion.
    • With a crackin’ sense of humour, Imprint already have an advantage over most bands by not being tosspots, but given their level of musicianship they are in a position to certainly make an impression.
    • If that's the case, they're still a bunch of tosspots.
    • But I guess I expected that from him because he is such a tosspot.
    • I toyed with the idea of listing some of the individual tosspot behaviour that I have come across, but those people are probably dead by now anyway so I'll stick to a more general theme.
    • Unfortunately there's no pictures because the gig was filled with lanky tosspots, and from the back of the gig, even the 10x zoom struggled to get a decent image.
    • He's still a tosspot, but I'm forced to admit he's not a totally-irrelevant-to-police-recruitment tosspot.
    • I'm sure my route round the shopping centre is about twice as long as it should be because I can't walk in a straight line since I'm constantly swerving out of the way of inconsiderate and ill-mannered tosspots.
    • One of these days, I want to meet that tosspot who implemented CSS rendering within Internet Explorer.
    • Did I tell you I hated the hypocritical, snidey, underhanded, self-important tosspots at the FA?
    • They're now going back over the call-tape (anyone want to bet it's been ‘mislaid’?) to see what the tosspot actually said.
    • A flashy tosspot TV weatherman living beyond his means, his lotto hostess girlfriend and a dodgy mate try to rig a lottery win, but have trouble collecting.
    • Meanwhile, I've just watched some tosspot who clearly has very little TV experience mumble his way through the front pages, covering the tabloids at the end as if they were an embarrassment, talk complete rubbish on BBC News 24.
    • It's only tosspots who come to London from nowhere places who sneer at our nation's other fine cities.
    • I guess that now they've completed their own make-over into Low Tory tosspots they obviously feel that the rest of the population should follow.
    • Alas, the ‘aliens’ (affectionately called ‘customers’ and ‘clients’) know they wouldn't be caught dead wearing a button, so you must be a tosspot, a troll, or just a twerp.