Translation of tot up in Spanish:

tot up

sumar, v.

phrasal verbtotting, totted


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    • After all the countries report their votes, they're totted up and the winner is proclaimed.
    • An MP3 player and pedometer in one, it tots up the distance you have covered and the time it has taken while you listen to your favourite tunes.
    • Then I totted up the prices and decided I'd had a moment of unsustainable madness, so I selected just the one - C.P. Cafavy: Collected Poems - and put the rest back with reluctance and a few sighs.
    • We'd actually put Greece at the head of the pack by the time we'd totted everything up, and correctly predicted that the UK would come last.
    • Details of the funds raised for them following his funeral have only just been totted up and made known.
    • But I'm pretty sure that if they were all totted up, we would be into quite a few millions.
    • I'll tot them all up later - please feel free to submit more.
    • Your modern political accountants, as they scavenge through history to make the case for the prosecution, have they totted up the deaths caused by colonialism, and capitalism?
    • It's easy to think you're doing 4 hours of revision a day but when you tot it up, you realise it's only an hour.
    • There are no dumb blondes or doormats; all of these women know the score and can tot it up in their heads without a calculator.
    • The proceeds of all the transactions are totted up, and then divided by the total number of sales to reach an average sale price.
    • The latter happily totted up how much of his earnings - half a million - ended up against a toilet wall.
    • The second best player will receive two points and the third best one point, and those points will be totted up during the year.
    • No matter how many times we totted it up, the chromosome count never rose above 46 (with a bit missing if you were a man).
    • With his team already through to the second stage, this result probably will not matter to United when the final points in Group F are totted up.
    • For the purposes of voting, the ballots of one or two obscure communes - no shortage of these - may be totted up under the aegis of a larger one.
    • When we totted up the capital projects in Cardiff which were solely dedicated to cultural activities we came up with a total of 19, adding up to £578m of funding - most of it provided by the government and the city.
    • We just totted up how much we ate and priced it against the regular menu and we managed £45.00 pounds worth.
    • But I suppose it is easy to tot up the points - and maybe he was just more honest than the rest of the audience (like a spoil-sport, I refused to participate).
    • Finally I drifted off to sleep at about 3am, and, between then and the first mobile phone ringing at 5.45 am, I must have had, when you tot it all up, a good hour and a half's kip.