Translation of total in Spanish:


total, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtoʊdl//ˈtəʊt(ə)l/


  • 1

    (whole, overall)
    (number/amount/output) total
    the total expenditure el total de los gastos
    • Thus, the total amount is not even one-fifth of what they produce.
    • You can put complementary fruit in as long as the total amount of fruit is 3 cups.
    • As much as $180,000 has been cited as missing, with no official confirmation of the total amount.
    • The other aspect of this problem is that it is as much about the poor allocation of funds on the wrong priorities as it is about the total amount being spent.
    • It does not seem to me to be a good reason for keeping him out of some of his costs that you need time to work out the total amount.
    • The newsletter, released last week, showed this was the total amount of donations given to the hospice in lieu of gifts to the couple.
    • The total amount distributed to our nominated charities was £11,000.
    • Our total bid amounted to less than seven per cent of the total project costs.
    • According to the figures the total amount of violent crime rose 11 per cent to more than 812,000 incidents.
    • This was agreed in principle, the amount being dependent on the total cost of the works.
    • The total amount raised will be announced when the fund closes.
    • The applicants' bill of costs is for a very large amount, with total fees of about $200,000.
    • During the period of our ownership, the total cost of our new investment has amounted to over £30m.
    • The total cost of all hotel accommodation for the month amounted to €29,316.
    • Data are sampling-date percentages relative to the total amount of emerged or shed leaves during the whole year.
    • Point out that this means they won't have to come up with the entire total cost at one time.
    • You can't predict with any accuracy the total amount of anything that the whole country's going to need.
    • Across England, the total amount being earned from diversification projects now stands at £100m per year.
    • The total amount collected will be announced at a later date.
    • The cost of the steel and its heat treatment amounts generally to less than a quarter of the total cost of the whole tool.
  • 2

    (destruction) total
    (failure) rotundo
    (failure) absoluto
    he was a total stranger era una persona totalmente desconocida
    • the place was in total chaos reinaba allí el caos más absoluto
    • we would like a total ban on nuclear weapons quisiéramos que se prohibiesen totalmente las armas nucleares
    • a total disregard for the feelings of others un desprecio total / absoluto por lo que puedan sentir los demás
    • the bus was a total wreck el autobús quedó totalmente destrozado
    • it was a total waste of time fue una verdadera pérdida de tiempo
    • She asked him where he was but there was just total silence.
    • So the claim that there are conservatives who believe in some sort of absolute liberty is a total straw man.
    • I felt a tinge of pessimism as I passed by thousands of total strangers exchanging high-fives and hugs.
    • Now the sort of response that you are offering is in absolute total contrast to everything that we have heard so far.
    • Wilkinson is a desperately complex person, driven by a need for absolute perfection and total control in his life.
    • Where else would you see total strangers letting someone else use the bathrooms in their house?
    • Like I say, it will go absolutely anywhere with total confidence, even dug-up Dublin city centre.
    • The rest of us can readily vouch for him as a man of total and absolute integrity, a friend above reproach.
    • Recently a total stranger insisted we were acquainted.
    • She was afraid they would get themselves in trouble if they came to the court and the jury voted for acquittal - but the verdict was heard in total silence.
    • The match, eventually won by Pakistan, was completed in total silence in an empty stadium.
    • I wonder how well one would describe their next door neighbor or even their mother to a total stranger.
    • Now if we have a left largely unable to distinguish the future from what they want to be the future, is it any wonder at the total indifference of so many lefties to this threat?
    • Indeed, were I to find myself in that sort of position, I would prefer for a total stranger to do that to me, rather than a friend.
    • He praised toleration, yet he advocated an absolute sovereign with total power over intellectual matters.
    • Are people we sort-of know, who are used to being on camera, inherently less interesting to watch and talk about than a bunch of total strangers?
    • On the other hand, just as comparing intrinsic qualities is subjectively unrealistic, comparing absolutes is a total waste.
    • Capable of 80 mph in almost total silence, it was powered by 13 batteries.
    • During the day we were forced to sit in the cell (we couldn't lie down) in total silence.
    • In the cells the prisoners were not allowed to speak at all (so there was total silence) and the rations were very low.


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    total masculine
    total due total a pagar
    • there is / are a total of … hay un total de …
    • the latest accident brings the total to 80 con este último, el total de accidentes se eleva a 80

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(amount to)

      ascender a un total de
      elevarse a un total de
      • It has debts totalling hundreds of billions of dollars and there has been no investment in its infrastructure for more than 20 years.
      • The club, after all, have lost more than £20m in the past three years, despite last season's run to the UEFA Cup final, and have a debt totalling £17.8m.
      • The Telegraph & Argus reported in November how unspent cash in some schools totalled £15 million, while others had debts totalling more than £7 million.
      • It also warned investors it had been hit by two bad debts totalling some £200,000.
      • At the end of 2001, net debt totaled some $2.60 trillion.
      • The business had debts totalling more than $300 million, of which $23 million were owned to its former employees.
      • The answer was a list of 21 countries with debts totalling over $4-billion.
      • Surveys have suggested that graduates can expect to university with student loan, overdraft and other debts totalling between £10,000 and £15,000.
      • He shares a university-owned Fulford flat, earns £10,000 a year and has student debts totalling £12,000.
      • Last year CAS dealt with more than 160,000 debt cases totalling 70 million, an increase of 10m on the previous year.
      • A North Yorkshire businessman has been banned from being a company director for eight years after he was involved in the running of three companies in succession that collapsed with debts totalling £1,428,000.
      • Combined with a cut in big donations from private supporters the Labour party is facing a financial crisis, with debts totalling 12 million.
      • It was one of several major debts which pushed the club into administration last summer with debts totalling about £36 million.
      • In order to qualify for debt relief, the HIPC Initiative requires a country to have a debt totalling more than 150 per cent of their annual exports.
      • With the banks pressing for repayment of debts totalling £6m, Hughes needed some money quickly and had his eye on exploiting some land he had bought called Poppyfields, in Branton, Doncaster.
      • Figures released this week reveal that £15 million remains unspent in school bank accounts across Bradford district, while others struggle with debts totalling £7 million.
      • Never one to laugh at the misfortunes of others, it is upsetting, nay distressing to read that Leeds United Football Club may be forced into administration with debts totalling eighty-one million pounds.
      • Mr Dowd was bought in to the Southampton Road campus to help revive the troubled college, after revelations that it had debts totalling more than £1m.
      • Yes, there is a big number for household debt, which totals $9.5 trillion.
      • Chairman of the board Glen Boldy says the liquidator would sell assets - including the theatre in Chapel Street - to pay debts totalling £50,000.

    • 1.2(add up)

      • The next step is to total up those monthly outgoings and make sure they fall within your net income.
      • As the bloodiest century in human history drew to a close, historians began to total up the casualties.
      • Additionally, there was no difference in response rates if the partial and full responses are totaled.
      • So I took the trouble to total up the popular vote for the House this time.
      • One day you stop, total up the pennies and are surprised to learn how much you have saved.
      • After that round, the judges totalled the scores to come up with the final five.
      • I finally get all the ornaments scanned and bagged and total up the purchase.
      • Now add up all your debts and total the minimum payments due on each.
      • We calculated a job satisfaction score by totalling the scores for all five statements: 20 or more represented a positive response, on average, to all statements, and we suggest that this shows a high level of satisfaction.
      • Instead of scanning every item individually, an RFID till would simply total up every item in your shopping trolley as it approached.
      • Overall scores are computed by totaling the number of critical endorsements the respondent has made.
      • Scores were totaled with scores of 6-7 as the cut-off points.
      • Simply list and total up all the assets that you own in one column.
      • The top four overall point-getters when the two scores are totaled up will comprise the women's team and represent the United States in these two international championships this fall.
      • Both sides' scores are then totalled and if the game is being played for money, the side with the higher score wins an amount proportional to the difference in scores from the side with the lower score.
      • Each plan received an overall score that was calculated by totaling the score on all sections and dividing by six.
      • I parred the 18th hole, and as we sat sipping iced tea, I totalled my score and realized that I had shot 79.
      • The number of challenges was totaled, and scores were categorized into two groups representing ‘less than two’ or ‘two or more’ parenting challenges.
      • A series of games is played, the deal passing to the right after each game and the scores are totalled.
      • On each turn, a player rolls a die as many times as he or she wishes, totaling the score of the rolls until the player decides to end the turn and pass the die to his or her opponent.

  • 2

    • 2.1US informal (wreck)

      she wasn't hurt, but the car was totaled a ella no le pasó nada, pero el coche quedó totalmente destrozado
      • I used to be her taxi service, until she totaled my car doing donuts in a cul-de-sac.
      • Hull's vehicle was totaled and the train sustained $2,000 damage.
      • I am surprised I didn't get broken ribs like yourself, my car is totaled.
      • For a long time, even after I'd totaled two vehicles in collisions with deer, I continued to hold a similar view.
      • I had just turned 16 and, unfortunately with a number of other teenagers, I had just totaled my first car.
      • Our truck was totaled and the trailer was damaged enough to merit replacement.
      • And it appears to have totaled the vehicle, smashed in the back end and broke all the windows.
      • She knew at those speeds she could easily smack into his back end and total both their cars.
      • The vehicle was totaled, trapping the two occupants inside.
      • My friend was in a car injury last month and her car was totalled.
      • His car is totalled and he, too, needs to get to court to prevent his wife from getting sole custody of his children and moving away.
      • My wife was in her car, and she went through a fence and went down 70 feet, just straight down, and totaled the car, and she was able to be pulled out by the police.
      • However, if they have an accident and totaled their vehicle, the insurance company will only pay them the wholesale value of the vehicle.
      • You assume the car is totaled, even though you can't see what it looks like in front.
      • But to her dismay, the car was totaled in an accident five months after she eliminated the debt.
      • Last May the two girls had been in a car accident together totaling Chelsea's car.
      • After totaling the vehicle, not to mention about nine police cruisers (but somehow, not dying), he is sent to a prison in the middle of nowhere.
      • So, it's just a matter of time before I'm in my first accident that totals my car.
      • High-deductible health insurance operates the same way high-deductible auto insurance does: It does not pay for the equivalent of your oil change but does pay you when your car is totaled.
      • Because cars depreciate so rapidly, an accident that totals your car could leave you with a sizable chunk left to pay back to the bank.

    • 2.2US informal (kill)

      liquidar informal
      • ‘Looks like you got totaled by a loser,’ the bartender laughed.
      • When you start incurring damage on your car, the animations of your vehicle losing its parts like doors and hoods (and if you are totaled, bursting into a flaming wreck) are great.