Translation of total in Spanish:


total, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtəʊt(ə)l//ˈtoʊdl/


  • 1

    (whole, overall)
    (number/output/amount) total
    the total expenditure el total de los gastos
    • It does not seem to me to be a good reason for keeping him out of some of his costs that you need time to work out the total amount.
    • You can't predict with any accuracy the total amount of anything that the whole country's going to need.
    • Data are sampling-date percentages relative to the total amount of emerged or shed leaves during the whole year.
    • During the period of our ownership, the total cost of our new investment has amounted to over £30m.
    • The total amount raised will be announced when the fund closes.
    • Point out that this means they won't have to come up with the entire total cost at one time.
    • The other aspect of this problem is that it is as much about the poor allocation of funds on the wrong priorities as it is about the total amount being spent.
    • As much as $180,000 has been cited as missing, with no official confirmation of the total amount.
    • Across England, the total amount being earned from diversification projects now stands at £100m per year.
    • The total amount distributed to our nominated charities was £11,000.
    • Thus, the total amount is not even one-fifth of what they produce.
    • The newsletter, released last week, showed this was the total amount of donations given to the hospice in lieu of gifts to the couple.
    • The cost of the steel and its heat treatment amounts generally to less than a quarter of the total cost of the whole tool.
    • According to the figures the total amount of violent crime rose 11 per cent to more than 812,000 incidents.
    • The total cost of all hotel accommodation for the month amounted to €29,316.
    • You can put complementary fruit in as long as the total amount of fruit is 3 cups.
    • The total amount collected will be announced at a later date.
    • Our total bid amounted to less than seven per cent of the total project costs.
    • The applicants' bill of costs is for a very large amount, with total fees of about $200,000.
    • This was agreed in principle, the amount being dependent on the total cost of the works.
  • 2

    (destruction) total
    (failure) rotundo
    (failure) absoluto
    he was a total stranger era una persona totalmente desconocida
    • the place was in total chaos reinaba allí el caos más absoluto
    • we would like a total ban on nuclear weapons quisiéramos que se prohibiesen totalmente las armas nucleares
    • a total disregard for the feelings of others un desprecio total / absoluto por lo que puedan sentir los demás
    • the bus was a total wreck el autobús quedó totalmente destrozado
    • it was a total waste of time fue una verdadera pérdida de tiempo
    • So the claim that there are conservatives who believe in some sort of absolute liberty is a total straw man.
    • Like I say, it will go absolutely anywhere with total confidence, even dug-up Dublin city centre.
    • Now the sort of response that you are offering is in absolute total contrast to everything that we have heard so far.
    • Where else would you see total strangers letting someone else use the bathrooms in their house?
    • Recently a total stranger insisted we were acquainted.
    • Now if we have a left largely unable to distinguish the future from what they want to be the future, is it any wonder at the total indifference of so many lefties to this threat?
    • I felt a tinge of pessimism as I passed by thousands of total strangers exchanging high-fives and hugs.
    • She asked him where he was but there was just total silence.
    • Are people we sort-of know, who are used to being on camera, inherently less interesting to watch and talk about than a bunch of total strangers?
    • During the day we were forced to sit in the cell (we couldn't lie down) in total silence.
    • In the cells the prisoners were not allowed to speak at all (so there was total silence) and the rations were very low.
    • On the other hand, just as comparing intrinsic qualities is subjectively unrealistic, comparing absolutes is a total waste.
    • I wonder how well one would describe their next door neighbor or even their mother to a total stranger.
    • Wilkinson is a desperately complex person, driven by a need for absolute perfection and total control in his life.
    • He praised toleration, yet he advocated an absolute sovereign with total power over intellectual matters.
    • Indeed, were I to find myself in that sort of position, I would prefer for a total stranger to do that to me, rather than a friend.
    • The rest of us can readily vouch for him as a man of total and absolute integrity, a friend above reproach.
    • The match, eventually won by Pakistan, was completed in total silence in an empty stadium.
    • Capable of 80 mph in almost total silence, it was powered by 13 batteries.
    • She was afraid they would get themselves in trouble if they came to the court and the jury voted for acquittal - but the verdict was heard in total silence.


  • 1

    total masculine
    total due total a pagar
    • there is / are a total of ... hay un total de ...
    • the latest accident brings the total to 80 con este último, el total de accidentes se eleva a 80

transitive verb

  • 1

    (amount to)
    ascender a un total de
    elevarse a un total de
  • 2

    (add up)
  • 3

    she wasn't hurt, but the car was totaled a ella no le pasó nada, pero el coche quedó totalmente destrozado
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    liquidar informal