Translation of totally in Spanish:


totalmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈtəʊtəli//ˈtoʊdli/


  • 1

    (for emphasis)
    (destroyed/unjustified) totalmente
    (destroyed/unjustified) completamente
    he is totally incapable of … es totalmente / absolutamente incapaz de …
    • I totally agree with you estoy totalmente / completamente de acuerdo contigo
    • they are totally without scruples no tienen el más mínimo escrúpulo
    • This idea is fine for those who live alone or as couples but is totally unworkable for families.
    • It was a totally new experience for all on board and it also proved to be an arduous one.
    • By the fourth I was utterly alone and totally in the dark about where I was, so to speak.
    • He seemed like a nice enough man playing a role that he wasn't totally comfortable with.
    • He is not a big spinner of the ball anyway and this means he is totally reliant on the rough for any deviation.
    • I totally understand why people want to march and protest against what we are doing.
    • He thought it was totally insensitive to tie a bright yellow wrapper around the stones.
    • She finally knew what it was like to be totally and utterly in love with one person.
    • It had been feared that a strong wind from the east could have totally destroyed the window.
    • In addition, it is a totally safe form of exercise, even for people who have injuries.
    • If he is being absolutely and totally honest, what kind of honesty has he deployed up to now?
    • All of them have been so varied and each one is always totally different form the last.
    • There is a lot of apathy at the club and the supporters are totally disenchanted.
    • Instead, he became totally calm, relaxed and focused on the shot he was about to play.
    • In his denial, he treats a people as less than fully human and totally dishonours the dead.
    • My point is that infinity is a lot like zero in some ways, but in other ways is totally different.
    • We are totally devastated by her death and still cannot believe what has happened.
    • It was puny, totally lacking in the requisite shot of caffeine direct to the brain.
    • While that might be overstating the case just a little, it is by no means totally fanciful.
    • Everyone in the hospital fell in love with her she was totally and utterly spoilt.
  • 2informal

    (in agreement)
    would you agree? — Oh, totally! ¿estás de acuerdo? — ah, ¡totalmente!