Translation of tote in Spanish:


llevar, v.

Pronunciation /təʊt//toʊt/

transitive verb

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    llevar US informal
    (bag) cargar con
    (bag) acarrear
    gun-toting gangsters gángsters armados masculine
    • For a writer, toting a notebook and pen legitimizes virtually any activity carried out in a bar, restaurant or cemetery.
    • Men toting guns were ransacking shops of whatever they could carry.
    • With newfound confidence, Mary Catherine went to some trade shows in New York, toting her stationery.
    • It is a theme park devoted to the lost socialist Atlantis complete with sub-machine gun toting guards and a rebuilt stretch of the Berlin Wall.
    • As a restaurateur turned guitar toting sea-dog with his own yacht, he probably knows what he's talking about.
    • Still, I noted that our ground crew made a point of toting a bottle of champagne around, in case a peace offering was in order.
    • He walked around several people toting heavy boxes, to the door where his folder had disappeared.
    • No-one likes having foreigners toting guns in their country and the coalition forces should leave the instant they are no longer needed.
    • The story is a series of improbable events that lead to armed ex-convicts toting a nuclear device to a plane bound for the Bahamas.
    • Walking behind him in single file were four beautiful women - one carried a pair of huge sneakers, another had a towel draped around her shoulders, a third toted sweat socks, and the fourth had a small bottle of cologne.
    • He carried eight times for 14 yards in Week Four after toting the rock 37 times in Week Three.
    • He was wearing a gorgeous business suit and toting a brief case.
    • Outside my back door, I see the neighbor's black cat toting a dead baby rat.
    • In other words, they are our anti-establishment, book toting superheroes.
    • If young people are going around toting weapons, then that is because the laws already in existence are not being enforced.
    • Each man carried two canteens, and the party as a whole toted half a dozen or so two-gallon camp kettles.
    • In one drill, he toted a 3-pound football, about three times heavier than a regulation model.
    • Witnesses said that two Hispanic men were seen toting the garments away.
    • What he saw was two men toting their guns, waiting for him to get out.
    • Spend the day toting kids around to school and the store.


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    totalizador masculine