Translation of touchdown in Spanish:


aterrizaje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtətʃˌdaʊn//ˈtʌtʃdaʊn/


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    Aviation Aerospace
    (on land) aterrizaje masculine
    (on sea) amerizaje masculine
    (on sea) amarizaje masculine
    (on sea) amaraje masculine
    (on moon) alunizaje masculine
    • After a smooth touchdown, the Fort rolled down the runway.
    • It was only a few short moments before touchdown that disaster struck.
    • After touchdown, the aircraft's drag chute malfunctioned during deployment.
    • Tailwinds produce excessive rolling speeds prior to lifting off and following touchdown.
    • I keep the trim moving and the power up to try to cushion the actual touchdown, and most of my landings are acceptable, if not always worth bragging about.
    • The shuttle was on its way home at last, and fast approaching its designated landing site with 10 minutes left until touchdown.
    • From letdown to touchdown, settling the airplane on the runway is a true art.
    • Swiss, American and Belgian airlines made regular touchdowns at the airport.
    • In addition, don't forget about the wind: The more wind there is, the better off you'll be because of the slower touchdown.
    • The gear lights came on just before touchdown as the aircraft firmly settled to the runway at full power.
    • Don't just fly the aircraft to touchdown; fly it to your parking spot.
    • I said we required immediate landing and assistance on touchdown.
    • The model's tough, trailing link gear system absorbs most reasonable impacts and even some unreasonable ones to smooth the most ham-handed touchdowns.
    • Grandma remarked that she didn't even feel our touchdown and would fly with me anywhere.
    • At touchdown, the platform securely captures the landing gear and then lowers the fighter to the mother ship's backbone.
    • The copilot watered my eyes with an excellent landing; and at touchdown, CITS flagged the anti-skid system.
    • The pilot gets into a small bit of leftover wake turbulence, the rental aircraft wobbles just before touchdown and a wingtip catches the runway.
    • As the aircraft approached touchdown, I hoped for the best, feared for the worst, and quietly, crossed my fingers.
    • After the second touchdown, the aircraft began to track to the left and the left wing tip contracted the terrain.
    • On touchdown, all three landing gears were sheared and the aircraft underside was substantially damaged.
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    (in US football) touchdown masculine
    (in US football) anotación feminine
    (in US football) ensayo masculine
    (in rugby) ensayo masculine