Translation of tour operator in Spanish:

tour operator

tour operador, n.


  • 1

    (travel agency)
    tour operador masculine
    operador turístico masculine
    • If you have any doubts, contact your tour operator or travel agent before travelling and facing the humiliation of confiscation by airport security.
    • However, millions of us are paying over the odds by taking out our insurance policy with our tour operator or travel agent.
    • If the tour operator continues to offer the package holiday, but you decide to cancel, you are liable to forfeit monies paid.
    • It's that overall volume that counts if you're thinking of travelling with a major tour operator.
    • If you have booked with a charter airline, contact the travel agent or tour operator through which you booked the flight to find out if it is still operating.
    • The company is a tour operator and central reservation office for European tourists to Namibia.
    • The golden rule is to seek the refund from the company that sold you the ticket in the first place, whether it was your local travel agent, a tour operator or the airline itself.
    • Of those who do buy, most sign up for cover with their tour operator or travel agent, which could be just about the most expensive mistake of their holiday.
    • Resist the hard sell from your travel agent or tour operator - prices can be up to 75% more expensive.
    • If you're on a package, the first step is to consult your tour operator.
    • If booking your dives through a tour operator or travel agent in Britain, ask their advice for reputable dive centres.
    • This was not mentioned by the travel agent or the tour operator beforehand.
    • If you're thinking already about where to go on holiday next year, don't get bullied into taking your tour operator's travel insurance.
    • You have formed a contract with the tour operator or the airline, depending on whether you booked a package holiday or flights only.
    • Travellers who booked a package holiday through a tour operator or a travel agent can expect either a full refund or the right to rebook, but only if the flight was cancelled.
    • Similarly, bring any problems about a package holiday immediately to the attention of the tour operator's representative at the resort.
    • Additionally, the purchase of the vacation occurred in Ontario and the tour operator is an Ontario company.
    • So, if you want to get ripped off, get your holiday money from a tour operator, travel agent or bureau de change.
    • Also, the tour operator or travel agency is obliged to have certain insurances, like medical insurance.
    • And don't buy travel insurance from your tour operator or travel agent, because you'll pay through the nose!