Translation of tourney in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtʊəni//ˈtəːni//ˈtərni/

nounPlural tourneys

  • 1

    • The tourney is at the final four stage now with Illinois, Louisville, Michigan State and North Carolina vying for the crown.
    • The Inter Club waterpolo championship was the second tourney on the waterpolo calendar.
    • Next week the Selects travel to Prince Albert to compete in an annual tourney there.
    • The Panthers will be a tough out in the tourney because they know how to slow down a game and limit their turnovers, which will prevent big-name schools from pressing their athletic advantage.
    • I get my final corrected schedule 1 day before the tourney.
    • Not surprisingly, Bob and I immediately got into a pickup 1830 game in preparation for the 1830 tourney to begin that night.
    • Comb alternative weeklies for details on festivals and concerts; pick up regional sports publications for the latest on athletic clubs and events like kickball tourneys and 10K's.
    • In the thunder of the hunt today we hear echoes of the joust, the tourney and the cavalry charge.
    • It was Christmas at Arthur's court in Camelot, and all of the gracious lords and worthy, noble knights had gathered for a fifteen day Christmas celebration, complete with jousting tourneys, singing, dancing, and feasting.
    • But in a tourney loaded with talent, anything can happen on the final day when pressure is at its peak.
    • Even the women's Nationals had only nine players and the men's draws for this event and the team selection tourneys have been disappointingly small as well.
    • Hence, the play-in game would be considered part of the tourney, and participants would receive a full share of tournament revenues.
    • George Washington, which faltered after a brilliant start, will be a tough matchup in the league tourney.
    • Everyone did a 200 meter time trial to seed for the tourney.
    • During the tourney, we'll track the writers' performance and match it against the public's.
    • More than any other sporting event, the tourney serves as a life milestone - the same way certain smells or music always bring back memories of a time and a place or an awkward kiss with a graceful girl.
    • A King and Queen are chosen every six months in a crown tourney fought with sticks to decide the King or Queen, and consort.
    • Actually he made just one bad move in the whole tournament and this wasn't exactly a short tourney.
    • Ile des Chenes did not win a game at the tourney but came away with the experience of a lifetime.
    • There is a lot of gambling on the tourney, but it's the friendly, friction free kind that even novices can get involved in.