Translation of tousle-haired in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtaʊzəlˌherd//ˈtaʊzəlˌheəd/


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    • Marmion observes a stereotype of the peasantry, snub-nosed, heavy-jawed, tousle-haired, as they shade their eyes from the brilliance of the alerting angel.
    • Maybe the other: four cheeky young men changing the world, or a tousle-haired hipster poet, back when to be young was very heaven.
    • Forget the image of the well-educated, tousle-haired, Cosmopolitan model - this figure of great standing in the British rowing establishment has a mind teetering on the edge of darkness.
    • Certainly it is the face of the tousle-haired youth with a hint of acne, who, as you enter, stares out from the confines of an aluminium frame set on a signpost.
    • There is also a wonderfully camp picture on the website of Duncan sitting in an armchair, surrounded by tousle-haired male models, with a fluffy white dog on his lap.
    • A tousle-haired man eventually stopped in a four-wheel drive.
    • They appeared to be living on a farm, the pink-cheeked, tousle-haired, happy lot of them, but not actually doing much profitable work.
    • As a tousle-haired poet, he waxes lyrical with sculptress Clotilde Hesme in a black-and-white love letter to the 1960s, with much drug-taking and aimless hanging out in new-wave style.
    • He was struck, however, not so much by the shabbily dressed and tousle-haired subjects of the photograph, but by the quality of the light in the background.
    • It was of a tousle-haired blond boy, with sharp, angular features and laughing eyes.
    • Nobody seriously expected the tousle-haired jokester to be the next leader of the Conservative party, even if he was the only member of the lacklustre Tory front bench who most of the public recognised.
    • Stretching his arms wide above his head, the tousle-haired man trotted out into the main room of the ship after flicking the switch next to his bedroom.
    • A tall man with silver-white skin is walking next to a small tousle-haired boy, and they seem to be talking.
    • At 28, and despite his success, he still exudes the air of a tousle-haired indie romantic, and his current unattached status makes him one of rock's most eligible bachelors.
    • It's about Owen, a tousle-haired American kid played by Liam Aiken, one of those deeply sinister-looking child actors.
    • The tousle-haired performer is bringing his unique show, Comedy 4 Kids, to Dartford's Orchard Theatre this month in an event which promises alternative comedy sketches, improvisation and some very silly songs.
    • Jerry Lee sat quietly, tousle-haired, drinking Jack Daniels and happy to talk about his roots in the deep south, play a few bars on the dressing-room piano and provide a unique insight into the rock star world.
    • Yes, this really is the blog of the tousle-haired Conservative MP.
    • For a couple of hours most evenings this tousle-haired young musician tickles the ivories with an eclectic but always virtuoso style.
    • Two hours later and I was still tousle-haired and wearing an apron over my pajamas, but the pot was bubbling away on the stove and I was clearing up tomato skins and marrow seeds from the worktop.