Translation of town clerk in Spanish:

town clerk


  • 1

    (in US)

    funcionario encargado de llevar los registros de nacimientos, defunciones etc

  • 2

    (formerly in UK)
    secretario del ayuntamiento masculine
    secretaria del ayuntamiento feminine
    • They were furious when the town clerk said he would not have the handover dates until the next meeting.
    • Open to the public since 1955, the estate was actually bought for the town in 1943, thanks largely to the efforts of corporation town clerk David Murray John.
    • By taking over the apartheid town clerk's house, he is telling us that there is no fundamental change in governance since 1994.
    • Relatives of the former town clerk, John Freeman, who recently died, discovered the yellowing stack of historic maps, newspaper clippings, letters and official documents when they were sorting through his things.
    • The story is also told of Swindon Corporation's town clerk David Murray John, who led the wartime purchase and lobbied the Government for a grant for Lydiard House.
    • For in November 1946, as secretary to both the mayor and the town clerk of Malden and Coombe Council, she was involved in the civic reception to honour the memory of Squadron Leader Ian Bazalgette and Flying Officer Cyril Barton.
    • Whitworth councillor Tom Aldred said the disappearance of the former town clerk was still a talking point in the district.
    • A former town clerk who won a tribunal against his unfair sacking has launched a stinging attack on his former employers.
    • At that point deputy mayor Hilary Cripps had to hold the town clerk's arm to prevent him leaving.
    • He found that a report by the town clerk and city treasurer misled councillors into believing that a ‘side letter’ existed under which further negotiations would take place if minimum attendance levels were not reached.
    • On that date the town council employed a municipal statistician in the town clerk's department.
    • Once everyone was gone, they broke into the town clerk's office and dragged the council safe along a corridor and out of a side entrance into Garnett Street.
    • They picketed the mayor and town clerk's offices, demanding the immediate release of their salary arrears for February and March.
    • He has concluded that the conduct of two former officers (the former town clerk and the former city treasurer) involved misconduct but that such misconduct was not wilful.
    • The town clerk and I have been designing a new costume for me, based around maroon and white, with a Duke of Wellington style hat.
    • Commr Conroy added that maybe now was the time to re-establish the post of town clerk in Mountmellick rather than in Co. Hall in Portlaoise.
    • Mr Layton, the town clerk for 15 years, brought the tribunal after he was dismissed for gross misconduct following a meeting of the council's disciplinary panel last year.
    • The town clerk also failed to give members a breakdown of comparative financial situations under the original and supplemental agreements.
    • From 1992 there appeared to have been no report to the committee of the town clerk's salary or the rationale for it.
    • In 1272 the town clerk, avoiding imminent charges for dereliction of duty, made off with the original Domesday and other borough records.