Translation of town hall in Spanish:

town hall

ayuntamiento, n.


  • 1

    ayuntamiento masculine
    municipalidad feminine
    municipio masculine
    alcaldía feminine
    presidencia municipal feminine Mexico
    intendencia feminine River Plate
    • He said people had the right to know how much administration restructuring at the town hall cost.
    • A list of all the activities is available at Keighley town council office in the town hall.
    • Meanwhile, over at the town hall, music fans have a feast of concerts lined up next weekend.
    • It is forecast that weddings will continue to take place at the town hall until the end of the summer.
    • She kept keys to their flat even after being granted her own home by the city just down the road from the town hall.
    • Legend has it that freemen were once able to order a pint at any pub and send the bill to the town hall.
    • We were fortunate enough to have the use of a garage adjoining the town hall for mixing our gas.
    • The Hall was built in 1826, but became redundant when the present town hall was built.
    • The town hall was retained by the council as a base for officers to carry out their day-to-day work.
    • Opposing views were on show outside the town hall over the past two weeks.
    • The inquiry begins at the town hall on April 24 and is expected to last two days.
    • It will be set up at the top of the town hall to receive signals from the mobile cameras wherever they are in Colchester.
    • Leaflets can be picked up from around the town, including the town hall and the library.
    • There is one tree at Bolton Parish Church and two next to the town hall in Victoria Square.
    • There was no hint that a greater choice of retailers involved a large food store behind the town hall.
    • Hence we had to build a new swimming baths and the town hall is dropping in bits.
    • In its time this tiny jewel of a palace has served as a governor's residence, a town hall, a mint and a prison.
    • The evangelical group's plans include moving their chapel and nursery into the town hall.
    • Voters in the ward are being invited to the town hall to pick up fresh papers and cast their votes in a private booth.
    • The town hall is already braced for a further £1.5m contribution next year and beyond.