Translation of toxic in Spanish:


tóxico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtɒksɪk//ˈtɑksɪk/


  • 1

    (materials/substance) tóxico
    (assets/debt) tóxico
    • So a lot of people at risk here with these toxic loans which are really bad deals for consumers.
    • The Japanese never took those toxic assets off their banks and for that reason they experienced ten years of an absolutely crumby economy.
    • And are you suggesting that that's some occupational exposure to toxic chemicals or something like that?
    • And yet it's a fine balance, because Vitamin A is also known to be a highly toxic chemical for the foetus.
    • That process produces very toxic chemical and gaseous waste and should be avoided.
    • When using insecticides and other toxic chemicals, cover your skin with gloves, long sleeves, a hat and a mask.
    • I have a friend who is selling a product that is supposed to eliminate up to 30 pounds of toxic waste from the colon.
    • These were designed to take away the uncertainty in interbank lending, the uncertainty whose cause was the existence of toxic assets on each others ' balance sheets.
    • Some waste materials that are highly poisonous are considered toxic wastes.
    • Many of the toxic assets have been bundled and resold many times over with favourable credit ratings.
    • That's slowing him down as he races to clean up the toxic assets infecting the nation's top banks.
    • The cells will literally fractionate open, and they spill all their toxic chemicals into their environment and that can be very damaging indeed.
    • Remedies vary in strength according to the needs of the patient, and sometimes according to the substance itself if it is particularly poisonous or toxic.
    • Several potentially toxic chemicals are used as raw materials in the foam-manufacturing process.
    • Perhaps you could put all the pills in one container and take them to your municipal dump as household toxic waste.
    • It is a complex global environmental hazard, with knock-on effects, and is unlike exposure to a dose of some specific toxic chemical or radiation.
    • Potentially toxic chemicals also are known by-products of laser smoke.
    • Formalin is a dangerous toxic chemical that should be handled with caution.
    • Such analysis, for example, leads to the conclusion that toxic waste should preferably be dumped on to the developing world.
    • So this bug, it's not so much the germ itself infecting the body that causes the problem, it's the fact that the germ itself produces the toxic chemical?
    • All of these developmental processes are extraordinarily complex and can be disrupted by toxic chemicals.
    • There weren't any chemical factories or toxic waste dumps or traffic, just a few goats and olive trees.
    • Campaigners looking to stop a Westbury cement works burning waste products are urging residents to have their blood tested for toxic chemicals.
    • You should avoid toxic substances and chemicals at work and at home.
    • Who better to manage the "toxic assets" of a failed bank than professional bond fund managers?
    • The aforementioned facts make justification for continued use of this toxic chemical questionable.