Translation of toxicology in Spanish:


toxicología, n.

Pronunciation /ˌtɒksɪˈkɒlədʒi//ˌtɑksəˈkɑlədʒi/


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    toxicología feminine
    • Consequently, they and others argue that animal toxicology and animal data must cause us to ban DDT as a precaution.
    • Clinical toxicology is a topic instructed at some level in most colleges of pharmacy.
    • The four tiers of text cover aspects of environmental toxicology from the molecular to the ecosystem level.
    • Urine toxicology was positive for opiates prior to in-hospital sedation.
    • This book represents an important contribution to neurology, toxicology and pharmacology.
    • A good example of a harmful nanoparticle is titanium dioxide, which has been used in toxicology for a long time and established as an inert substance.
    • The main thrust of the book is to describe the toxicology and pharmacology of herbal products.
    • Neither I nor most of my colleagues are romantic about forensic toxicology.
    • And it is a concern that reproductive toxicology is such an under-resourced area.
    • I am a medical student currently doing a rotation in toxicology at the poison control centre.
    • Resuscitation, toxicology, and clinical criteria for imaging represent some of the core topics of the practice of emergency medicine.
    • Demanding that trials maximise their gathering of information on toxicology improves a protocol's balance of risk and social value.
    • I hope that the science of genetic toxicology will remain sufficiently strong in the UK to guarantee their continued involvement.
    • The first rule of toxicology is that all chemicals produce an effect, but it is the dose that makes the poison.
    • At the time, his views were seen as revolutionary, but they mark the beginnings of modern toxicology.
    • It is more of a compendium than a comprehensive text on the toxicology of poisons.
    • Development of the science of metal toxicology has been seriously hindered by the use of incorrect terminology.
    • It was divided into internal medicine, diseases of the head, surgery, toxicology, etc.
    • The mean proportion of negative urines was used as the aggregated outcome measure for weekly urine toxicology.
    • They adopted many of the methods used in classical toxicology for application to device materials.