Translation of trace element in Spanish:

trace element

oligoelemento, n.


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    oligoelemento masculine
    • The trace element (of thiomersal) is so small we are not concerned about it.
    • The mystery was solved in 1939 when fluoride was identified as a trace element in local drinking water.
    • And the fire marshal's conclusion about the likely cause of the fire - a faulty heat trace element attached to a utilidor line - is unremarkable.
    • IUPAC has published the results of studies on trace elements in the environment, pesticides in water, and a glossary of atmospheric weather terms.
    • Also, aragonite tends to have much higher amounts of strontium as a trace element in the calcium carbonate.
    • Copper is a constituent of fungicides as well as a trace element in fertilizers.
    • The trace element and isotopic characteristics of these dykes imply derivation from an asthenospheric mantle source, which is likely to occur only as a result of regional lithospheric extension.
    • It was later identified that molybdenum was the most abundant trace element present in the soluble and insoluble extractions of the wood-ash.
    • Not only must the occurrence of a specific trace element be determined, but also its concentration in order to compose the particular chemical map.
    • They also suggest that, once it has been harvested, the plant could be transported to sites with very low levels of boron, helping to add the trace element to the soil in regions where it is boron deficient.
    • DU is the trace element left over when uranium is enriched; most of the highly radioactive types of uranium are removed for use as nuclear fuel or nuclear weapons.
    • In fact, every trace element present in a crystal's mineral makeup adds in some way to its healing effects.