Translation of tracing in Spanish:


calco, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtreɪsɪŋ//ˈtreɪsɪŋ/


  • 1

    calco masculine
    to make a tracing of sth calcar algo
    • We can also assist in the tracing of war graves, and whenever it is possible we operate a free grave or memorial photography service for those people who are unable to travel.
    • Duplicate tracings of the photographs were subsequently assessed by 2 independent observers, resulting in 480 observations.
    • One of these formal tracings is color-coded according to the materials employed, and it details the contours and regulating lines for a silver-gilt ciborium (Pl. XII).
    • Her reliance on transparent papers, stencils, stamps, collage and tracings lightens the often horrific nature of her imagery by making it seem on the verge of dissolution.
    • Leonardo's mural, with its tracings and smaller copies, is a locus of essential religious and aesthetic meanings, a virtual communion between art and life.
    • It might be that Lady Seated at the Virginals is a composite of tracings of parts of images onto planes at different distances and with different positions of the lens.
    • They then outlined the tracings that showed well from under the tissue.
    • Wherever possible we also operate a grave tracing and photography service, for those unable to travel.
    • He decomposed the moving pictures into sequential tracings for publication.
    • The tracings turned up in a broadside published by John Taylor through the Nauvoo Neighbor on 24 June.
    • These were photographed and tracings were made to depict the location of mechanical support tissue.
    • The chapter entitled ‘To take the perfect draught of any Picture’ explains eight different ways of making tracings from paintings or prints, for purposes of producing versions of the same composition.
    • The artists started with a sketch, proceeded to a working drawing or tracing and, in the case of large-scale windows, a cartoon.
    • While copying and tracing are sometimes frowned on in school art rooms, these activities can be of help in learning how artists worked.
    • Superimposed tracings of these images, reproduced as figures here, were used to determine the range of motion at each joint.
    • Then you trace the tracing and so on, and the more you trace, the less perfect the picture becomes.
    • Usually, they are tracings of things he did do, or sometimes composite tracings - the head from one sketch traced onto a tracing of the body of another sketch.
    • The meticulous tracings preserve every splatter, trickle and drip of the original stains.