Translation of track suit in Spanish:

track suit

equipo (de deportes), n.

Pronunciation /træk sut//ˈtraksuːt/


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    equipo (de deportes) masculine
    chándal masculine Spain
    pants masculine Mexico
    buzo masculine Peru Chile
    sudadera feminine Colombia
    jogging masculine River Plate
    • They came in their wellies and wax jackets, but tracksuits, hipster jeans, dainty shoes and sparkly tops were also on show.
    • He was wearing a dark tracksuit with a hooded top and a scarf around his face.
    • Two others were 6ft tall and wore dark tracksuits.
    • It wasn't much use - girls were wearing everything from fancy dresses to tracksuits.
    • He was wearing a dark tracksuit top and trousers at the time of the attack.
    • He returns, make-up and hair fixed, still dressed in his tracksuit trousers and T-shirt.
    • Among the smartly dressed businessmen a handful of young hospital visitors dressed in tracksuits, trainers and baseball caps look incongruous as they sit smoking in the interior gardens.
    • He drives to work in Tallaght each morning dressed in a tracksuit and goes for a five-mile run.
    • The man who was naked from the waist up and wearing tracksuit bottoms, has not yet been identified.
    • At this point it began producing leisure wear and tracksuits.
    • The man was wearing a black tracksuit, a black windbreaker and a green jersey.
    • He described his attacker as white, aged about 16 and wearing a blue tracksuit top and a baseball cap.
    • He was wearing a dark-coloured tracksuit with the hood up and a baseball cap on underneath.
    • I was wearing navy blue tracksuits - something that's not skin tight and therefore would allow me to hide my little black gun in my pocket.
    • I don't have any specific clothing preferences, but at most I am a boring dresser, sticking to casual clothes like T-shirts and tracksuits.
    • One wore a white tracksuit with hooded top while the other had dark clothing.
    • The final selection was a navy tracksuit with grey polo shirt for boys, and blue polo shirt for the girls.
    • The teachers around her were all wearing tracksuits and attire that they'd wear whilst teaching.
    • Two men wore tracksuits with Arabic writing across the back.
    • They should preferably wear loose clothing like tracksuits.