Translation of trackless in Spanish:


inexplorado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtrakləs//ˈtrækləs/



  • 1

    (desert/jungle) inexplorado
    • We point it out to visitors and try to ignore the trackless wastes that are my responsibility.
    • Never bite on such questions because they'll lead you into a trackless wasteland and you'll never get out of it.
    • He snorted and looked back over the deserted pasturelands to the trackless wilderness behind them.
    • Mile 291: Grab the GPS and start navigating on foot across miles of trackless terrain that'll take you into the interior of the Richardson mountains.
    • A platoon of soldiers stands at a checkpoint on a barren road in the middle of miles and miles of trackless desert.
    • Africa's largest reserve, the Selous, is a massive 55,000 sq. km. of trackless wilderness covered by brachystegia and miombo woodland, palm fringed swamp and sand rivers.
    • It requires you to do so on rough, steep, largely trackless terrain that it's hard even to walk on safely.
    • Quoting from an old manuscript he said the area was described as ‘little better than a wilderness of trackless woods and treacherous bogs’.
    • Now this may be severe but when you are on the trackless desert of Arabia and your life is entrusted to a horse, you had better have a trained obedient horse.
    • For two days they followed Stoney Book northeast through the trackless northern wastes, and on the third, Lily was certain that the Marsh must lay far-off yet.
    • Travelling by dog-team, the frozen surface of the Tanana and Yukon Rivers were our icy highways through the trackless interior.
    • There will be no hot afternoons where I'm pounded brown by the Aztec sun, the cool beer vanishing into my body like a drop of rain in the trackless Sahara.
    • To venture into the almost trackless south of the Rufiji River, to the network of tributaries and oxbow lakes, is truly wild.
    • For miles and miles we walk through the trackless waste of sun-bleached salt clay.
    • The nurtured blossoms gave way to the electrified fence of the camel-racing track in the arid wilderness and then to seemingly trackless dunes like vast featureless waves frozen in motion.
    • Between the fence and Lake Tensaw tall slash pines flashed high needles in the sun; on the north were dense cane swamps, on the east trackless marshes.
    • To provide guidance for a route that sidesteps the timeless, trackless path of the gazelles, the researchers are studying the creatures' habits - and habitats.
    • It has areas of trackless wilderness that stretch as far as the eye can see, indeed if there is a country that encapsulates all that is wild and free in terms of wildlife is Zambia.
    • He remembered hunting with him, riding trails and through trackless wilderness, laughing, sharing stories of their families.