Translation of traction engine in Spanish:

traction engine

locomóvil, n.


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    locomóvil feminine
    máquina de vapor locomóvil feminine
    • At the front is a guide to the principle features of the traction engine, so you can become quite the expert at the next steam rally.
    • It was cut into four, and shifted by a traction engine owned by a local sawmiller.
    • A huge boiler drawn on a traction engine passed through Skipton on its way to Slingsby's Mill in Gargrave.
    • Now the firm whose steamrollers, traction engines, steam trams, trains and grass cutting equipment contributed to the city's industrial heritage has been recognised.
    • Interesting brasses from traction engine rallies adorn one wall.
    • The current UK exams, for instance, include a so-called ‘simple mechanical’ invention, which can be anything from a potato peeler to a traction engine.
    • Mr Coles said that winter was the perfect time for repairs to be carried out on a traction engine, because during the summer, they are busy attending fairs and rallies.
    • Thirteen teams will be operating thirteen historic threshing mills and a historic steam traction engine will drive each mill.
    • He had his own design for the bunkhouses which were towed to each job - the ‘stinkies’ as they are termed in the traction engine language.
    • But local industries saw the benefit of using a steam wagon, which was smaller and lighter than a traction engine towing a trailer.
    • Afterwards, though, what we needed was a traction engine to shunt us all out the door and take us home.
    • It was a good day out with a variety of attractions (e.g. flower tent, steam traction engines, livestock) and displays (showjumping, motorcycle stunt display).
    • It was jacked off its foundations, lifted on to a large transporter with six wheels and pulled by two traction engines.
    • Everything from show engines to traction engines, steamrollers and steam tractors kept spectators intrigued.
    • He bought an old traction engine, a Burrell, which was the beginning of a fleet of engines.
    • The church was carried from Essex to Yorkshire on a traction engine in 1905.
    • Using their mobile phones the drivers rang the fire service and told them of the devastation being wreaked as the traction engine chugged along.
    • Visitors will be able to see and take part in many activities, including steam traction engine displays and horse and tractor demonstrations.
    • A collection of steam and traction engines, antique class cars, fair-ground organ etc. will also be centred at Bolger's yard while a large marquee is also to be erected.
    • In Pickering, a classic car show on June 10 is cancelled but a traction engine rally in early August is still on.