Translation of tractor-trailer in Spanish:


camión con remolque, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtraktəˌtreɪlə///



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    camión con remolque masculine
    camión con acoplado masculine Southern Cone
    tráiler masculine Mexico Spain
    • Just look for the tractor trailer with its hazard lights flashing, parked in the middle of the street as it waits to jockey into position in the plant's cramped parking lot.
    • He swerved again, this time it was a tractor trailer he was avoiding.
    • We pull into his driveway and come to a stop in front of a massive tractor trailer that's about as tall as the house.
    • The crazed driver tears through the intersection and barely avoids a brutal collision with an oncoming tractor trailer.
    • A semi tractor trailer saw the accident and was slowing to avoid it and he was rear-ended by another semi trailer.
    • I dreamed last night that a large tractor trailer truck carrying a huge load of bricks jackknifed on a main street in my town.
    • It's like we're in a tractor trailer, or van of some sort.
    • I'm 45 years old and I drive a tractor trailer for a living and I've been told that I'm too tall and too big and I'm a little bit too nervous to drive these things.
    • Before a tractor trailer arrives, the worker can see what's on board, as well as which doors on the dock correspond to those destinations.
    • A tractor trailer accidentally slammed into the back of his Humvee.
    • Giant tractor trailer trucks sit in the parking lot.
    • After hitting the second tractor trailer, the bus overturned, colliding with two cars and two motorcycles.
    • One level takes place on top of a tractor trailer, which requires that you pay attention since there's a gap between the two trailers that always seems to be in the wrong place.
    • Now those sound like big numbers, but that's about 8.5 tons or 25 tons which is less than half a tractor trailer load or tractor trailer load and a bit.
    • As you can see, the flames are so intense and the smoke is thick and so black, that it's pretty impossible to see if there is, in fact, a second tractor trailer involved.
    • A woman today told how she feared for her life while walking on a pavement - when a 4ft long plank of wood hurtled towards her after being blown off a tractor trailer.
    • The dump truck struck the tractor trailer while traveling at a speed in excess of 74 k/hr.
    • In order to get outside of these limits, counsel for the plaintiff had to establish vicarious liability upon the owner and driver of the tractor trailer.
    • A tractor trailer just stopped near the area where Julian fell.
    • In the distance, headlights appeared, the rumble of a tractor trailer.