Translation of trade-off in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtreɪd ˌɔf//ˈtreɪdɒf/


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    it's a trade-off between price and quality hay que sacrificar un poco la calidad para conseguir un buen precio
    • the side effects are a reasonable trade-off for long term recovery la recuperación definitiva bien compensa las molestias de los efectos secundarios
    • Through their activity, animals can adaptively balance trade-offs between food and safety.
    • Essentially the decision comes down to a trade-off between features and portability.
    • There's inevitably a trade-off between keeping company or continuing a conversation with them and keeping moving.
    • The author writes a good deal about the limitations of security protocols, and the trade-offs between good security and other desirable things.
    • Politicians make compromises and trade-offs to secure what is in their view the best for their constituents.
    • You need trade-offs in society, and we're not in a situation to say better rich and healthy than sick and poor.
    • There may often be a trade-off between portability and ownership, and so users may have to decide which is more important.
    • Nor, for once, does the good ride mean a trade-off in compromised handling.
    • Security is a trade-off, and the trade-offs in the Patriot Act were extreme.
    • Coercion and trade-offs are replaced with creative alternatives, and compromise with synthesis.
    • This article does not discuss these oscillators at length but highlights some of the feature trade-offs.
    • Consequently, a trade-off has been predicted between competitive ability and flooding tolerance.
    • A long-discredited hypothesis to explain this holds that substituting carbs and sugar for fat is a bad trade-off.
    • Of course there is a trade-off between such advantages of large cells and the disadvantages of slower cell multiplication.
    • Consider trade-offs between rapid supply responses and quality control.
    • Having tight control like this is a trade-off for a nuanced and complex narrative.
    • It is a trade-off that continues into the era of digital cellular telephones.
    • Our objective this year is to win a race even if we have to compromise our championship position somewhat, we will make the trade-off.
    • There is a trade-off between perfection on the one hand and speed, economy, and finality on the other hand.
    • At last, farmers escaped from the vicious trade-off between soil exhaustion and leaving land idle.