Translation of trade secret in Spanish:

trade secret

secreto comercial, n.


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    secreto comercial masculine
    • First, a trade secret: the snakes with a snake charmer are usually defanged.
    • For now, all the California Supreme Court has made clear is that information likely to be proven to be a trade secret can stay secret while litigation over its status continues.
    • The technique is a trade secret, so the application must be closed source.
    • Claiming a proprietary market position will mean protecting the company's products and key manufacturing processes by patent or trade secret.
    • In addition to being ‘copyrighted,’ this one is a trade secret.
    • In addition, it is also hard to detect and prove that a dishonest programmer has taken advantage of a trade secret.
    • Currently, perfume manufacturers are not required to reveal the fragrance formula because it is considered a trade secret.
    • We've always had an internal debate as to whether we patent something or keep it as a trade secret, because if you patent it then the world knows.
    • There's a legal quagmire between this requirement and your right to keep a trade secret, and some truly nasty patent battles have been fought in that swamp.
    • ‘If you have something you keep as a trade secret, and someone else invents it and gets a patent, you can no longer practice your own trade secret,’ Gibbs explains.
    • Instead, the question is what's the definition of a trade secret?
    • What about companies who prefer to keep things quiet as a trade secret?
    • Was plaintiff the owner or co-owner of information that qualified as a trade secret?
    • She said: ‘It is a trade secret what we put in our cigarettes and we don't want to make that information public.’
    • I don't know if this would be divulging a trade secret or anything, but what is your overall success rate?
    • The exact technique for producing it is a trade secret, but Bob describes the finished cheese as being something like a Brie that has been subjected to pressing.
    • Can you tell me how you do it, or is it a trade secret?
    • Why should that justify a 14-year sentence when reckless damage gets only 7 years, or taking a trade secret - it could be the genetic code to kiwifruit - gets only 5 years?
    • The real question is whether this information remains a trade secret after it is globally available to anyone with an Internet connection.
    • The era that software was trademarked had begun and increasingly more hackers entered the payroll to develop proprietary software whose source code was well guarded as a trade secret.