Translation of trade surplus in Spanish:

trade surplus

superávit comercial, n.


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    superávit comercial masculine
    • When a country has a large trade surplus, this generates an expansion in its monetary base.
    • When foreign countries had a trade surplus, they theoretically could have used the excess dollars and asked the U.S. to exchange them for gold.
    • Despite imports contracting more than exports, the island still posted a trade surplus of $360 million.
    • We had a trade surplus in the great Depression for all the good that did us.
    • The same goes for the labor supply and the trade deficit, that has changed from a trade surplus into a deficit, but is also not of a dangerous level.
    • The French state would always run a trade surplus.
    • The United States will then be forced into a trade surplus as incomes fall far enough to reduce imports and wages fall far enough to make U.S. goods competitive.
    • The news came as Japan reported a 40% rise in its trade surplus, despite pressure from the strengthening yen.
    • And the trade surplus narrowed because of a drop in May exports.
    • Now Russia has a trade surplus of $60 billion a year and annual economic growth of 7%.
    • During this period of economic recovery, the Euroland trade surplus with the United States has risen, not fallen.
    • The problem is that although oil exports produce a spectacular trade surplus, the exchange rate soars.
    • At EU level, exports to the CEE countries countries are higher than imports, which is an indication of the trade surplus that the EU has with the region.
    • The accumulated trade surplus stood at $4.89 billion, a 1.7-fold increase over the same period last year.
    • The second choice is that the Federal Reserve creates a recession large enough to turn the trade deficit into a trade surplus.
    • He said it would also eventually help contain the huge trade surplus as foreign producers export less to the United States.
    • The euro countries are running a significant trade surplus with the US.
    • Tensions have been increasing between a number of countries and China recently over its trade surplus, surging textile imports and problems with product piracy.
    • Record world oil prices are bringing strong growth, a healthy trade surplus, higher wages, and even bigger pensions from fattened state coffers for some of the poorest Russians.
    • We have a trade surplus in services, we are a net exporter of services.