Translation of trade unionist in Spanish:

trade unionist

sindicalista, n.


  • 1

    sindicalista feminine
    miembro de un sindicato feminine
    gremialista feminine Southern Cone Peru
    • Each trade unionist has the power to organise greater numbers around them.
    • Then came the trade unionists, but I was not a trade unionist.
    • I am a trade unionist in the Natfhe lecturers' union and have been a reader of Socialist Worker for over 30 years.
    • With the first military regime on 17 November 1958, state tortures were largely expanded through the abuse of police authorities against political opponents and trades unionists.
    • ‘It was a defining moment for South African democracy,’ said a senior trade unionist, who asked not to be named.
    • She had a unique ability to express the aspirations of businessmen and trades unionists, professionals and council tenants.
    • Hundreds of jobs have been lost in the heart of the UK's caravan manufacturing industry - but trades unionists do not believe they will be permanent.
    • We urge all trades unionists and those who support us to take this to heart and stand up for what is right.
    • He was later cleared of any wrongdoing and was adopted by the trades unionists as a martyr marking their struggle through turbulent times.
    • He had made his name as a militant trade unionist and prominent member of the SPD, which he had joined in 1903 in Hamburg.
    • It seems anyone who feels moved to demonstrate about what they believe in is branded a usual suspect: trades unionists, socialist workers, nuclear disarmers, anti-vivisectionists.
    • She looks more like a hardboiled academic than a trade unionist who has come through some rough times.
    • Every trade unionist can collect for the firefighters, raise solidarity, and ensure that people know it is the government which is compromising safety.
    • They may be secretaries and trades unionists, and I'm sure they're all very good at their jobs, but they don't exactly send the pulse racing.
    • Soon after widespread protests and strikes broke out in opposition to the jailing of a leading trade unionist over employer attempts to injuct the unions.
    • He was a trade unionist who was presented and tried for receiving secret commissions and the case in some respects took some unusual courses.
    • He had dedicated much of his life to serving the community, was a D-Day veteran and had been a trade unionist.
    • How quaint, we all said, to see trades unionists with megaphones out on the streets demonstrating in defence of their jobs.
    • And I don't just mean religious leaders, trades unionists and peace protesters.
    • But the consciousness exhibited by workers in these struggles was of a trade unionist rather than social democratic character.