Translation of traffic jam in Spanish:

traffic jam

embotellamiento, n.


  • 1

    embotellamiento masculine
    atasco masculine
    • It may cause a traffic jam or a tailback to the point of gridlock.
    • They hoped the two-wheeler would be useful when there was a breakdown or a traffic jam.
    • I said as I manoeuvred the car back into the slow-moving traffic jam that is Boston.
    • And the worst traffic jam in the region had been caused by roadworks on the M1 in South Yorkshire.
    • I eventually pulled out of the space, into a traffic jam of cars, all going the same way, and pulling out!
    • Unfortunately we got stuck in a lengthy traffic jam on the way back, and the drive ended up taking us five and a half hours.
    • When there is a traffic jam or hold-up, do not jump the queue, as it would only add to the congestion and confusion.
    • You can select from a traffic jam, roadworks, dentist's office and a circus.
    • You think there's a fender-bender or a traffic jam in this city I don't know about?
    • A mother gave birth on the back seat of a car while stuck in a traffic jam.
    • You spend thirty minutes in a traffic jam next to a car that has more power going to its speakers than its wheels.
    • To see the competitors creeping toward that starting line is to see the traffic jam of your dreams.
    • We took an unusual route, which I put down to him knowing about a traffic jam or road works.
    • Leave understanding the one-way system, the evening traffic jam and where to park to the locals.
    • When she is on the highway, parked in a traffic jam, she often wonders where is she headed in such great hurry?
    • They drove home in relative silence, while caught in a traffic jam, they stole a kiss or two.
    • Today it's due to a bad traffic jam, a bottleneck in the center of one of the city's main streets.
    • They're stuck in a traffic jam in their brand new four wheel drive that they're in debt up to the hilt for.
    • The rest of us can enjoy time with family, friends and the other motorists in the traffic jam.
    • The M20 is closed following an accident and some of its divers are stuck in the traffic jam.