Translation of traffic pattern in Spanish:

traffic pattern

patrón de tráfico, n.



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    patrón de tráfico masculine
    • I was up so high - I could see the twelve planes lined up on the horizon for the traffic pattern.
    • In this situation, we managed to lose track of an aircraft in the overhead traffic pattern and had a midair resulting in the loss of a very valuable asset.
    • Most first solos are no more than a couple or three circles around the airport traffic pattern, but it's a big moment in a student pilot's training.
    • We were circling to the right in a steep bank at a very low altitude preparing to enter the traffic pattern.
    • He said that ‘she was a little behind the airplane in the traffic pattern.’
    • Cuda 1 followed our lead for recovery to the overhead traffic pattern.
    • The traffic pattern can't easily be modified, but occasionally, through scheduling, use volume can be adjusted.
    • Significant effort goes into maintaining the simulator, mainly to keep the experience realistic and up to date, with new techniques and traffic patterns.
    • It followed a minute-by-minute traffic pattern of a kind never attempted before.
    • Become more aware of your surroundings; an airport traffic pattern can get extremely busy.
    • Check weather conditions as soon as entering the local traffic pattern and get updates on a regular basis for your primary and alternate landing base if the weather begins to deteriorate.
    • I had it happen once in the traffic pattern approaching a landing and had to open the canopy in order to see.
    • And finally, the box is designed to avoid the traffic pattern so that you may take off and land at any time, regardless of whether or not the box is active.
    • Make perfect 45-degree entries in the pattern, turn squarely to fly the traffic pattern and practice holding exact airspeeds in every phase of a stabilized approach.