Translation of tragedy in Spanish:


tragedia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtradʒɪdi//ˈtrædʒədi/

nounPlural tragedies

  • 1

    tragedia feminine
    • One example is the accompanying contemporary, or pop music, with Greek tragedies or Shakespearean plays.
    • Three utterly madcap men in tights and sneakers take the theatre by storm as they gallop through the tragedies, histories and comedies at a speed that will leave you gasping.
    • No one, I confidently told an academic friend this week, writes tragedy any more.
    • By a series of unfortunate circumstances, the tragedy of Othello the Moor, was turned into The Moor The Merrier.
    • Then again, it's a theme of war films to make tragedies all the more tragic, isn't it?
    • Did all the gory deaths he witnessed while serving in the Canadian ambulance corps in the Second World War help him play tragedies?
    • This may not be French classical tragedy as we normally understand it.
    • To transcend the bounds of tragedy is credit to both writer and performer.
    • Let's be honest here, Shakespeare's tragedies are filled with dialogue, monologue, and soliloquy.
    • The representatives of tragedy and comedy chosen are not Greek but Roman.
    • This last and driest of Shakespeare's tragedies is, in some ways, his most unusual.
    • is a question that the drama puts with a boldness and clarity few other Shakespeare tragedies bring to their ethical or moral concerns.
    • The Cheltenham Festival witnessed an opening day of drama laced with tragedy.
    • In the various sessions, it ran up and down the scales from high drama to epic tragedy, from broad comedy to poignant romance.
    • In Racine's tragedies, confusion often reigns, and from it a tragic reversal takes place.
    • There are two uses of the Shakespearean concept of tragedy that could be drawn on.
    • In other words, shifting the format from theatrical tragedy to televisual sitcom.
    • However, what is there in linguistic gravity, romance and tragedy is slightly lacking in subtlety.
    • This turns the play into a gripping tragedy and a moving tale of human frailty.
    • The characters in the tragedies of Sophocles resist all warnings and inescapably meet with disaster.
    • Between 1776 and 1794, Cowley produced ten comedies, two tragedies, a farce, and many poems.
    • That said, it is still an enjoyable evening - both comedy and tragedy certainly have their moments.
    • But, even if the result is stylised tragedy, the three principals perform with great skill.
    • Emblem books and tragedy can be considered as the two literary genres in which this twofold image of death is best exemplified.
    • That purging of emotions that drama, especially tragedy, is supposed to inspire.
    • The bedroom scenes were disturbing and memorable, more tragedy then comedy.
    • Seneca produced his own versions of tragedies by Sophocles, Euripides, and Aeschylus.
    • The Play of King Lear is a great tragic play that many tragedies try to compare to.
    • He saw comedies, tragedies, dramas, shows of acrobatics and clowning, all accompanied by fine music, and all this performed by a family of only twenty members.
    • Shakespeare wrote tragedies, romance, history, comedy and problem plays all with great success.
    • You could accuse him of hitching a lift on the back of Greek tragedy.
    • Comedies, tragedies, musicals and dramas make this a remarkably diverse theater season.
    • I love politics, too, with its human dramas worthy of Greek tragedy, or at least soap opera.
    • Three of these plays were usually tragedies, plays that focused on a heroic character who falls due to his own folly.
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    (sad event, situation)
    tragedia feminine
    it's a tragedy that … (+ subj) es una tragedia que …
    • the tragedy of it (all) is that … lo trágico del caso es que …
    • his life had been full of tragedy había tenido una vida muy trágica
    • The official outcome of the investigation was that the tragedy was an accident - pure and simple.
    • The narrator's diaries record her friend's distress, and the tragedies that result.
    • She is determined to help improve health care in developing nations, to prevent tragedies like her natural mother's early death.
    • The show is a catalogue of accidents, deaths and tragedies.
    • And the deaths flowing from natural tragedies such as this seem very arbitrary, unfair and unacceptable.
    • Random accidents and everyday tragedies become just another ratings-boosting gimmick, filling airtime before the next disaster strikes.
    • In reality, we all know of baddies in this world for who everything seems to go perfectly for, while on the other hand we know of very good people who suffer several setbacks and tragedies in life.
    • The government and the media have attempted to portray the tragedy as a natural disaster.
    • Some accidental deaths are not tragedies, it turns out.
    • But unfortunately there is the bad news as well, the tragedies, accidents and the deaths.
    • The tragedies caused by accident, human error and carelessness have become the most significant in the early history of the region.
    • Each death is a tragedy with devastating life changing effects on the families of the children killed.
    • Pastors' presence as community leaders is most evident after collective tragedies such as fatal accidents and violent crimes.
    • The floods which swept through Mozambique were a natural tragedy which could not have been prevented.
    • You understand, sort of, when people die of natural tragedies, whether it's fires or tornadoes or hurricanes or whatever.
    • Any road accident that causes a death or serious injury is a tragedy.
    • The patients to undergo this new medical procedure have been seriously disfigured by burns, serious accidents or personal tragedies.
    • These frightening statistics speak for themselves and behind these figures there lie terrible human tragedies and unimaginable suffering.
    • But road safety campaigners say the figures hide the human tragedy behind each accident.
    • Terrible human tragedies and unimaginable suffering result from fatal accidents in farming each year.