Translation of tragic in Spanish:


trágico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtrædʒɪk//ˈtradʒɪk/


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    (scene/role) trágico
    a tragic actress una actriz dramática / trágica
    • It was a tragic accident, but accidents happen in demolition all the time.
    • It looked as though the record, like the opera, was to have a tragic finale.
    • The passionate retelling of Shakespeare's tragic story is set in the Italian city of Verona during high summer.
    • Police are treating the death as a tragic accident and the coroner has been informed.
    • It was a tragic accident, and in the U.S., no matter how tragic, most accidents are not crimes.
    • It may not be his most original play but it is his most unrelievedly tragic.
    • Early today, they did not believe there were any suspicious circumstances and said they thought it was a tragic accident.
    • There was no evidence it was anything but a very tragic accident.
    • It could have been a tragic accident, or there could have been third party involvement.
    • Hubris, the fatal flaw of a tragic hero which blinds him to the reality of the world, is not exactly in short supply at the present.
    • They have warned those looking after children to keep them away from garages and factory sites before there is a tragic accident.
    • The excellent cast manage to tease out the humour of the play without undermining its tragic elements.
    • We analysed the plot movements within the parables, distinguishing between tragic and comic parables.
    • In the past three years, eight young people from the general area have lost their lives in tragic accidents.
    • This is a plea to all bar owners and councillors to help make Bolton a place to be proud of and to prevent these tragic accidents happening.
    • Three more people died on local roads in the past week in two tragic accidents
    • They don't have categories for best actor in romantic role or best actor in a tragic role, so why comedy?
    • It was there that he had a tragic accident with a saw in which he lost his left hand.
    • There is thus a mixture of the comic and the tragic, the virtuous and the villainous, the young and the old, the male and the female.
    • He laughs, mocking the pose a Shakespearean actor might take during a particularly tragic scene.
    • One was left, at the end of the play, with a sense of pity for him, which was more due to his performance than the tragic figure he portrayed.
    • Everyone at the school is extremely shaken and saddened by the tragic accident.
    • It was also apparent that an early morning tragic road accident in Monasterevin was to delay its progress.
    • Nothing they told us suggests that this was anything other than a tragic accident.
    • Hampshire police have described the incident as a tragic accident.
    • Darius, of course, casts himself in the tragic rather than the comic mould.
    • He was the icon in an era of icons, but like Shakespeare's tragic heroes his fatal flaws cut short a certain glittering career.
    • He points out to tragic dramatists that what is seen on the stage makes a deeper impression than what is only narrated.
    • A young boy has died in a tragic accident after he was pulled unconscious from a swimming pool.
    • Then again, it's a theme of war films to make tragedies all the more tragic, isn't it?
    • I've played Macbeth; you could call him a villain but Shakespeare calls him tragic.
    • Seeing the work as a crude forebear of Elizabethan tragic drama effaces its status as an instance of de casibus literature.
    • Their deaths are so tragic that several minutes are spent on their horror.
    • It was an excellent film - comic in parts, tragic in others, and poetic in others.
    • The tragic, or Shakespearean, version of the story runs something like this.
    • Safety rules for school trips are to be tightened up in a bid to reduce the potential for tragic accidents.
    • There have been a couple of tragic accident deaths over the weekend, and the congestion is bad on a daily basis.
    • The Play of King Lear is a great tragic play that many tragedies try to compare to.
    • It is truly tragic - but not in the way that Shakespeare intended, and surely not in the way that the producers had in mind.
    • An explosion which killed a retired couple at their home was a tragic accident, an inquest heard yesterday.
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    (consequences/life/event) trágico
    (expression/voice) trágico