Translation of trainer in Spanish:


entrenador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtreɪnə//ˈtreɪnər/


  • 1

    Sport (of athletes) entrenador masculine
    Sport (of athletes) entrenadora feminine
    (of racehorse) preparador masculine
    (of racehorse) preparadora feminine
    (of performing animals) amaestrador masculine
    (of performing animals) amaestradora feminine
    (of performing animals) adiestrador masculine
    (of performing animals) adiestradora feminine
    • So I'd scope out the competition to see what you're up against first; maybe research animal handlers, pet trainers etc?
    • The task of teacher trainers - the school of education - was to make the work of the teacher so carefully scripted that anyone could do it.
    • This is not a new situation for Texas's owners, trainers, breeders, and racetrack operators.
    • The committee included jockeys, owners, trainers, racing association members, and racing officials.
    • Most trainers and owners have praised track executives for keeping them aware of developments and working to make the current meet.
    • He's the outstanding racehorse trainer, the trainer of flat race horses I suppose in the world.
    • Race trainers, like public schoolboys, love to paste their walls with pictures of long-gone triumphs.
    • It is his understanding of a horse and its needs - his total and undeviating attention to that subject - that has made him one of the finest racehorse trainers in history.
    • When Mark came in, he employed 5 fitness trainers and a full time doctor.
    • He is working with a fitness trainer in New Orleans this summer.
    • We have already had the location of our proposed new racecourse visited by a number of leading racehorse trainers and jockeys and the feedback has been unanimously positive.
    • I apologize to my fellow jockeys, the owners, and the trainers.
    • Action should be taken now to ensure that grooms as well as owners, trainers and racecourses share in the future of the sport.
    • We expect that the revised structure, which increases our own race planning options and choices for owners and trainers, will be well received.
    • She's one of those rare young people who touched counselors, teachers, coaches and trainers alike.
    • The conditions book will allow owners and trainers to search for races nationally based on a horse's age and sex and race conditions.
    • There will be a panel discussion by women jockeys, trainers, and owners.
    • Participants ranged from physical education and fitness instructors to personal trainers and professors from all over the country.
    • The issues involve the players and owners, not the trainers, equipment managers, broadcasters or public relations directors.
    • Apart from students and teachers, other participants in the programme were principals and school physical education trainers.
  • 2

    entrenador masculine
    • The naval air arm also had some Aermacchi 339 jet trainers - small aircraft that could be configured as light strike fighters.
    • Let's stretch the bounds of reason and say you want to take your trip in a fighter or attack aircraft, a helicopter or a trainer.
    • The students were put through their paces with day and night trainers.
    • The basic types of model aircraft are trainers for beginners, sportsfliers for those at the next stage and scale models for the more experience pilot.
    • Step into one of these trainers and you'd swear you're on a flight deck.
    • It was soon discovered that a trainer aircraft for the conversion of pilots to this unusual and difficult type of aircraft was required.
    • The aircraft were transferred to Canada where they served as trainers for the Free Norwegians who were learning to fly at Canadian bases.
    • After the war, a number of Pups came to Australia and flew until at least 1925, mainly as trainer fighter aircraft.
    • I was based here when the flight line was filled with DH82 Tiger Moth trainers.
    • Stable and easy to fly, it served as a trainer for the nation's first generation of jet pilots.
    • Produced in the thousands, it was used as a trainer and as an observation airplane by the Air Force in World War II.
    • After test work was completed, the aircraft were used as military trainers.
    • Moving up from simple trainers to more complex aircraft is well worth the extra effort
    • Typically, training systems were justified as trainers for a specific aircraft, weapon system, etc.
    • Any of the Fairchild trainers is among the most enjoyable flying airplanes of their era.
  • 3British informal

    (athletic shoe)
    zapatilla de deporte feminine
    tenis masculine
    deportivas feminine
    • An hour of walking in a pair of these trainers or sandals is apparently equivalent to three hours of hard exercise at the gym.
    • Wear good shock-absorbent shoes with thick, soft soles - trainers are good.
    • But weeks later, a package arrived direct from the designer containing two pairs of trousers, two shirts, dress shoes, trainers and a belt.
    • He will need individually made insoles permanently, and wear trainers rather than shoes for comfort.
    • I've got about 25 pairs of shoes, boots and trainers.
    • All you should need to take is a pair of very flimsy flip-flops or sandals for the beach, a pair of trainers or canvas shoes to wander around in and a pair of evening shoes for nights out.
    • I like smart/casual boots or shoes rather than trainers or sneakers.
    • They come with wholesome winter references such as alpine leaf designs or chunky cable knits, and should be worn with jeans and heavy shoes or trainers.
    • They wore trainers and tracksuits, they were religious, sure, but no-one thought they were fanatics.
    • They came in walking boots, trainers and sandals.
    • I was the only person who had to hire a pair of shoes, she won't let me wear trainers on the big day.
    • Today, he is sporting a pair of trainers that appear to be made of fluorescent pink faux-ponyskin.
    • Shoes, trainers and sports bags are some of the best buys to snap up, but also look out for top label sports wear at reduced prices too.
    • I never really take any shoes myself preferring trainers as these are more suitable for the types of nights out you have in these places.
    • Wear cross trainers (dark-soled running shoes will scuff up the pool) or water shoes.
    • Many people, Vincent explains, start out running in an old pair of trainers they wear about town.
    • If you're pumping iron, then you're better off wearing a pair of cross trainers because they offer better lateral stability.
    • In fact, my feet are naturally predisposed to wearing trainers or hiking boots, or, most happily, nothing at all.
    • He wears a tracksuit, trainers and carries a plastic bag that holds a football.
    • The usual backwards baseball cap and baggy trousers, but instead of trainers he wears tiny, tight climbing shoes.