Translation of trainspotter in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtreɪnspɑdər//ˈtreɪnspɒtə/



  • 1

    persona cuyo hobby es observar trenes y coleccionar números de locomotoras
  • 2informal

    ganso masculine informal
    gansa feminine informal
    • By the time he gets his DVDs on the shelf, impatient Bollywood trainspotters could have been watching them for days.
    • In Britain they are often called trainspotters or anoraks, and their encyclopedic knowledge, singular focus, and endless talking about their hobby often make them bores to be around.
    • Basically, though, online critics are votaries, trainspotters, collectors of information.
    • It brings out the political trainspotter in him, as he enthuses about the technology and techniques the party is honing.
    • From a trainspotter's point of view I find it really interesting as well, the historical side of drinks and so forth.
    • It's a trainspotter's paradise of top-drawer funk.
    • I was a super trainspotter, looking at the right charts and mixes.