Translation of trait in Spanish:


rasgo, n.

Pronunciation /treɪt//treɪt//treɪ/


  • 1

    rasgo masculine
    característica feminine
    • Lying is one of the most human of traits that really distinguishes us from the rest of the animal world.
    • Also, at least in maturity, people seem to have relatively stable character traits.
    • He re-read his father's autobiography and realised they shared many character traits.
    • Insomnia is also a common trait of anyone who uses computers for more than a few hours a day.
    • Completely inhabiting his character's traits and quirks, he is tailor made for the role.
    • It could take you years to really know a city, but you can pick up on its character traits in about an hour.
    • Humility is the finest of all virtues and is the source of all admirable character traits.
    • The F, or femininity, scale measures socially desirable personality traits perceived to be stereotypically characteristic of women.
    • A recognised trait among gamblers is that you are likely to spend more when you are not physically handing over money.
    • This is not a common trait in oncologists, or other doctors who deal with death on a daily basis.
    • It must be common trait among women, being better at cooking once you're married.
    • There will always be some distinct personality trait that will set them apart from one another.
    • Absorption is a personality trait associated with fantasy proneness, vivid imagery and so forth.
    • It may seem facile, but teams do reflect the traits and characteristics of their coaches.
    • One of her brother's more admirable personality traits was his general lack of prejudice.
    • A character trait shared by many program managers is a belief they will complete their project on schedule within budget.
    • There were no differences between groups in their self-reported worry and trait anxiety.
    • The distinction being that personality traits dictate how people use and abuse drugs.
    • But they all share a common trait - frustration at the obstacles put in the way of progress.
    • In talking with the many men, she had come to distinguish similar traits in all of them.