Translation of trammel in Spanish:


ataduras, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtram(ə)l//ˈtræməl/


formal, literary

  • 1

    (of work, family life)
    ataduras feminine
    she felt caught in the trammels of routine se sentía atrapada en las redes de la rutina
    • It was the culmination of the sustained effort of many small entrepreneurs who had carved out a unique niche for offering hospitality without the trammels of the organised industry.
    • Wannabe ‘Americans’ had come to the New World to escape the trammels of established churches and feudalism which disfigured early modern Europe.
    • This new Germany was mostly free from the trammels of the postwar system, and the Federal Republic seemed, more than ever, Europe's leading power.
    • He longs for the realisation of Shiva amidst the trammels of the illusory cosmos.
    • The most notable characteristic of Archimedes' mathematical work is its freedom from the trammels of traditional Greek mathematics.

transitive verbtrammelled, trammeled, trammeling, trammelling


  • 1

    to feel trammeled by sth sentirse atrapado en algo
    • That horror in turn serves as symbol of the chains that trammel the spirit.
    • On the other hand, neither is it at the other end of the spectrum in which rights were trammeled in blatant disregard for the Charter.
    • So, wherever I'd been working, the prospect of untrammeled freedom to air my thoughts probably would have been attractive. At that magazine, though, I was rather trammeled.
    • I don't think that's anything to do with a specific right of academic freedom which is the right to pursue your academic location without being trammelled by our particular academic fashions.
    • No Scottish Labour leader would dream of letting himself be trammelled by the kind of political constraints that hobbled Louis XIV.
    • Why was it so important to these interests to trammel public higher education?
    • Mental stereotyping trammels the majority along certain lines of thought where ‘Greens cost jobs’ and ‘economic growth is good’, and these catchphrases may well be wrong.
    • As the protesters sat on the floor the police line of 80 or more officers would pound forward trammelling the seated protesters.
    • Such creative transgressions urge us to abandon the obsession with stylistic consistency and recognisability that trammels, for many viewers, the experience of looking at paintings.
    • I think this is another paradigm of countries in transition, the bad roads left behind after being trammelled by the carts of history.
    • Both have trammeled their critics and opponents.
    • The lack of evidence also trammelled the inquiry into the most serious allegations, those involving collusion between the British authorities and loyalist paramilitaries.
    • With no reception, and an intimidating atmosphere of intense concentration and industry, this is no place to walk into as a stranger trammelled by British reserve.
    • Without free expression, rights may be trammelled with no recourse in the court of public opinion.
    • When I get home tonight, we are going to find us a nice unbroken field of snow… and trammel it.
    • Making this case all the more pointed, even the right of a woman to criticize her own religion has been trammeled.