Translation of trance in Spanish:


trance, n.

Pronunciation /trɑːns//træns/


  • 1

    trance masculine
    to be in a trance estar en trance
    • to fall / go into a trance entrar en trance
    • the music sent her into a trance la música la hizo entrar en trance / caer en el éxtasis
    • This entity was supposed to be a manifestation or thought-form akin to the ectoplasm that is generated by mediums while in a trance state.
    • They don't understand that they're moving toward the trance state, the crossing of the threshold.
    • I was filtering out all verbal communication and only paying attention to body language, and entered a really peaceful trance state.
    • She focused her power on the warriors below her, going into an almost meditative trance.
    • For example, some practitioners see someone's very sense of identity as a powerful trance state, rather than as something with a concrete existence.
    • The experience of a hypnotic trance is one of extremely focussed attention.
    • What I do is enter a light trance state, and then attempt to use touch visualization to climb the rope out of my body.
    • Would it be easier just to try a shamanic trance and go hunt them down?
    • ‘Journeying’ isn't the same as attaining a trance state so you can work as a medium/oracle for example.
    • Analogies were drawn to waking from a dream, from a hypnotic trance, or from meditation.
    • She silently slipped into a meditative trance and heard the music of her mind.
    • In desperation I turned to that old standby, the self-induced trance.
    • I generally use a 20 to 30-minute trance induction and deepening process.
    • There is no documented report of Virginia being placed into a mesmeric trance in the hours preceding her death.
    • Take the plunge of trance induction, but don't use illegal substances to get there!
    • Her mind began to enter a trance, and she almost thought she heard faint, crystalline singing.
    • Hypnotherapy will only be effective, he says, if the hypnotic trance is deep enough.
    • Is this a mystical gift bestowed upon me in a meditative trance?
    • Slowly, I break the light trance and stand up, feeling much better.
    • We would associate the hands actually touching with a deepening of the trance state.