Translation of transact in Spanish:


Pronunciation /trænˈsækt//tranˈzakt//tranˈsakt//trænˈzækt//trɑːnˈsakt//trɑːnˈzakt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to transact business (with sb) hacer negocios (con algn)
    • to transact a deal negociar un acuerdo
    • He puts it bluntly: ‘If you don't transact business, your business would be null and void.’
    • In the past, experts have said that the only way to truly avoid the risks of currency fluctuation is to transact all international business in U.S. dollars.
    • Subsequently, more organizations can transact business online without large software applications or resources, constant upgrades, and/or system overhauls.
    • Another retail outlet reported 60% of Christmas business being transacted in the last three days prior to the holiday.
    • The programme aims to inform and advise consumers about the growing range of options for transacting their banking business enabled by new technology.
    • It is suggested that Indian traders may be allowed to move only up to the nearest Bangladesh trading point where the Indian traders can transact business.
    • As the situation applies, individual shipping companies do not need a licence to transact business to and from Irish ports.
    • If you are interested in transacting business with us we will be glad.
    • The house did not transact any other business Saturday since all the members were required to sign the membership roll and would meet again on Monday to elect a speaker and deputy speaker.
    • It happens on a daily basis, much to the distress of people who transact business there.
    • The youthful enthusiasm of putting up a web site and thinking that everything else will take care of itself has given way to the realization that e-business is about transacting business.
    • How would banks and building societies fare if it were not possible for customers to park within walking distance for just five minutes to transact their business?
    • He said the show would give attendees the opportunity to interact, share views, transact business and work towards a low carbon economy.
    • Also, there is the influence of the surrounding organizations which transact business with an organization.
    • The daughter or daughters named on this account will have the power to write checks and transact other business, but upon your death, this account will pass under your will.
    • This is not communism - businesses are free to transact business any way they want in a democratic society.
    • The way business is transacted, government operates, and national defense is conducted have changed.
    • You couldn't actually transact business there.
    • This Act currently allows the trust to transact business with its parent company, which is named, and any subsidiary or company associated with its parent company.
    • The Vatican is a largely Italian bureaucracy that spent centuries transacting business in parchment and wax seals.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (company/bank) negociar
    (company/bank) llevar a cabo transacciones comerciales