Translation of transaction in Spanish:


transacción, n.

Pronunciation /tranˈzakʃ(ə)n//tranˈsakʃ(ə)n//trɑːnˈsakʃ(ə)n//trɑːnˈzakʃ(ə)n//trænˈzækʃ(ə)n//trænˈsækʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    transacción feminine
    operación feminine
    a business transaction una transacción / operación comercial
    • The majority of financial transactions are conducted either by cheques or electronically.
    • Whereas equities and bonds are easy to buy and sell, property transactions are more complicated, more costly and consequently less frequent.
    • The application of the rule creates considerable practical difficulties in commercial property transactions.
    • I was fortunate to witness several great items that were sold in private transactions.
    • In Britain, one fraudulent credit card transaction takes place every eight seconds.
    • We looked at the numbers and saw that the transaction costs in a public social-security programme are much lower than in a private one.
    • Likewise, the author of a psychiatry self-help book and his customers are engaging in a commercial transaction.
    • The system handles 100,000 transactions involving more than $500 million each day.
    • Taking all the factors into consideration, there was not a commercial transaction conducted at arms length.
    • Who wants to go offline to complete an online payment transaction, anyway?
    • Failure to meet these requirements could result in the loan being deemed a taxable transaction.
    • Property rights in slaves and their labor can be bought and sold via market transactions.
    • The figures show a similar trend to those for the whole of the UK, with more buy transactions than sell transactions over the course of last year.
    • In the past, credit card transactions were generally completed within a 120-day cycle.
    • Online electronic financial transactions have the potential to save thousands.
    • The current overdraft rate of 13.5 % APR applies as well as the normal ATM transaction fee.
    • However, every regular payment product currently has a transaction fee of £3.
    • The elimination of currency transaction costs only arises where two or more countries use a single currency.
    • Ecommerce represents buying and selling transactions using the Internet.
    • Even electronic transactions take up to three days to process!
  • 2formal

    (act of transacting)
    negociación feminine
  • 3transactions plural

    (of learned body)
    anales masculine
    • These transactions are available for online access (papers are placed on the web once they are accepted), and also released as hardcopy once per year.
    • In 1938, Mott and Littleton published a seminal paper in Transactions of the Faraday Society on the calculation of defect energies in NaCl.
    • The Western Section of The Wildlife Society is pleased to announce the online availability of all papers published in the ‘Transactions of the Western Section of The Wildlife Society’.
    • It was published in the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute (1896) and contains a description of a time-apparatus capable of measuring time intervals of a hundred-thousandth of a second.