Translation of transcript in Spanish:


transcripción, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtranskrɪpt//ˈtrɑːnskrɪpt//ˈtræn(t)skrɪpt/


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    (written copy)
    transcripción feminine
    • The table of contents now links to copies of off-site copies of transcripts with no HTML versions yet.
    • But all of the reports, background materials, and transcripts of meetings are online for anyone to read.
    • The coding of such materials as interview transcripts has typically entailed writing marginal notes on them and gradually refining those notes into codes.
    • The White House wasted no time in exacting likewise from newspapers in regard to print transcripts.
    • We examined the recordings and written transcripts of every consultation.
    • After writing out the transcript of that conversation, I can now see the error I made.
    • He was not able to refer me to the specific part of the transcript where that material appears.
    • It may be that the respondent will reproduce the transcript as part of the further material.
    • The interview terminated eventually, and I signed and applied my palm print on the transcript.
    • Author retains copyright, though she contracts not to devalue the original work with subsequent editions, transcripts, or synopses.
    • She had 10,000 pages of court transcripts alone.
    • Evidence had been presented and transcripts published long ago; the details of the crime had long since come to light.
    • Students occasionally show the school psychologist their journals, pulling up posts on her computer or sharing printed transcripts of instant messages.
    • Another rater coded 70% of the transcripts according to written coding procedures.
    • The film is based on exhaustive research including investigation files, court transcripts, personal interviews and unpublished correspondence.
    • The following links are to articles and transcripts of the post debate analysis.
    • But if you read the complete transcripts of the two versions of the interview, you will see that they are quite different.
    • At time of writing the full transcript of the session wasn't yet available, so we're currently unable to dig deeper into this eccentric argument.
    • So everything has to be directly from the court transcripts.
    • The source material comes from trial transcripts e-mailed to the producers by a court reporter on the scene.
  • 2US

    School University
    expediente académico masculine
    • Scholarship criteria require submission of official transcripts from previous and current educational programs.
    • An official college transcript is not reviewed until the company decides to make an offer.
    • Such recognition is secured on an individual basis by means of degree course transcripts.
    • Some of the students also suggested keeping copies of official transcripts in the original, sealed envelope.
    • Official transcripts of your undergraduate work will also need to be sent to each school.
    • Each school typically wants a copy of an official undergraduate transcript.
    • One principal said he had heard of students forging transcripts with generic-embossed seals to avoid paying for official transcripts.
    • In this study, the researchers examined the transcripts of 929 students.
    • Request unofficial copies of student transcripts and copies of course descriptions to aid the new school in the selection of proper classes.
    • Every student has a right to a grade report and transcript attesting to his or her achievements.
    • You receive a grade on your transcript for your internship course, just as you do for your academic courses.
    • During this time, I received official transcripts of all my course work at the University of Massachusetts.
    • Information about both school persistence and grade point average was obtained from students' transcripts.
    • New problems emerged during the Victoria Day long weekend, which prevented students from accessing their transcripts.
    • Our goal is to identify whether or not student patterns emerge when using transcripts and courses as a unit of analysis.
    • Timely deposits must be made and official transcripts forwarded from undergraduate schools.
    • Students should include their transcripts in their application so that the school can determine what science courses may be needed to enter the program.