Translation of transcription in Spanish:


transcripción, n.

Pronunciation /trɑːnˈskrɪpʃ(ə)n//tranˈskrɪpʃ(ə)n//ˌtræn(t)ˈskrɪpʃ(ə)n/


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    (of speech, music etc)
    transcripción feminine
    phonetic transcription transcripción fonética
    • Quotes in this article were derived from tape transcriptions or written notes compiled during interviews.
    • The pieces in Musicks Hand-maide are transcriptions of such music, played here on the virginals.
    • Those reports were based on the notorious forged documents, in some cases they were text transcriptions of the documents.
    • The interviews lasted approximately 60-90 minutes, were tape recorded and fully transcribed and the transcriptions were content-analysed.
    • The pieces were a Schubert-Liszt transcription and a study by Scriabin.
    • Instead of transcriptions of what he wrote, the book is scanned pages of his journals.
    • It specialises in Italian instrumental music from the nineteenth century, mostly previously unpublished, plus transcriptions and arrangements for unusual ensembles.
    • When we compared these lists to meeting agenda, field workers' notes, and meeting transcriptions for the sample period, coverage was deemed adequate.
    • Adams changes that to a simple ‘has’ and passes off his version as a word-perfect transcription.
    • Of course, some will assert that the inclusion of these transcriptions in this cycle is completely unnecessary, since the music is more Beethoven's than Liszt's.
    • Due to the lack of large orchestras, people flocked to town halls in order to hear the virtuosi of the day play their own transcriptions of music that was popular at the time.
    • Liszt's transcriptions of other composers' music are as highly regarded as his original piano works.
    • The Scriabin piano pieces go well in these viola transcriptions.
    • The denial above is only true if we make a distinction between facsimiles of the documents and text transcriptions of the phony documents.
    • In an age before recorded music, transcriptions enabled music lovers to more easily access orchestral and operatic repertoire and virtuosos to display their wit and ferocious keyboard talent.
    • The transcriptions that follow are written out as a drama script.
    • Taped pipe organ music played a Josquin transcription softly as the group seated themselves.
    • In order to substantiate and expand the known information, she checked published transcriptions while combing through archives for new documents.
    • These virtuoso transcriptions of Gershwin songs should hold no terrors for lovers of romantic repertoire, though the writing is full of subtle underminings.
    • All qualitative approaches were recorded through the transcription of notes and, if possible quotations, immediately after the interview.
    • The book includes a short introduction to the Soviet-Finnish War, the after-action meeting transcriptions, a list of the participants with short biographies, and a few relevant maps.
    • The same goes for the Tannhäuser pieces, though Liszt's transcriptions work better here.
    • At this point a comparison between the original facsimile score and any of the modern transcriptions would shed light on issues of editing early music.
    • Interviews were tape recorded, and completed transcriptions were used as the basis for data analysis.
    • The whole is well written, with liberal transcriptions of much of the source material.
    • Yet several works were commissioned for smart urban dance, music-theatre and performance-art events; five of the 22 tracks are clever transcriptions of Shostakovich piano pieces.
    • The first piece we played was a transcription of Beethoven's Egmont Overture.
    • It was almost as if she had dictated it verbally and then had the transcription written up.
    • As a trumpeter, I have played a number of trumpet tunes and voluntaries that were transcriptions of original baroque organ works.
    • This is far enough removed from Bach to mean that we can't know whether it is a faithful copy of a work for solo organ, or of a transcription of a string piece, or indeed, by Bach at all.
    • The electronic medium enables them to include a large array of images, including facsimiles of original documents with transcriptions.
    • Trial records are literal transcriptions, but people can only speak through the stories they understand.
    • The transcription of music for the piano developed in two directions.
    • Qualitative data collection can take many forms, including interviews, participant observation, questionnaires, and video recordings and transcriptions of everyday language.
    • This makes it easier to write out an accurate transcription.
    • Perhaps if one had a complete transcription of the subtitles and a week to study, he might glean a thread of understanding.
    • The process involved transcribing, analyzing data, and member checking for both the transcription and written analyses after each pair of interviews.
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    grabación feminine