Translation of transducer in Spanish:


transductor, n.

Pronunciation /trænsˈd(j)usər//trɑːnzˈdjuːsə//trænzˈd(j)usər//tranzˈdjuːsə//transˈdjuːsə//trɑːnsˈdjuːsə/


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    transductor masculine
    • Angular transducers measure the deflection of the scanners.
    • Sound, consisting of waves of varying air pressure, is converted to its electrical form by a transducer, such as a microphone.
    • It uses airguns to generate low frequency sound and transducers to generate the medium and high frequency sections of the noise signature.
    • The next two figures present data from the displacement transducer.
    • The responsible device is a simple transducer that you probably well know - a microphone.
    • The orientation of the depressions depends on the type carrier for the transducer.
    • The capacitive coupling between the different electrodes allows the position of the transducer to be determined.
    • The CDA is a compound transducer created by cascading a Lorenz-force transducer and an elastic transducer.
    • Leaf elongation rate was calculated from daily increments in leaf length using linear voltage displacement transducers connected to a data logger.
    • The transducer was cabled to a control and data-acquisition unit consisting of a computer and other electronic hardware.
    • Could these gene products represent upstream components in a common signal transduction pathway such as a receptor or signal transducers?
    • The tube consists of several microcapillary tubes connected to external pressure transducers, which pass signals to a computer for real time display.
    • The present invention relates to energy efficient transducers and devices comprising multiple active areas on one or more electroactive polymers.
    • These pressure transducers are connected with the dampers via a control unit which changes the position of the dampers in accordance with the airflow condition.
    • At least one fluid device from a group consisting of a flow controller, a valve, a filter and a pressure transducer is provided.
    • The input transducer is the photo detector that detects the radiation emitted from the radiated substance.
    • By the present moment, we have made six transducers closed inside ‘tablets’ resembling little rounded batteries for a watch.
    • It is not uncommon for recordings from electrical transducers to contain noise at 60 Hz and multiples of 60 Hz.
    • With the ink jet recording head, the relationship between the amount and the speed of ejected ink droplets can be optimized in accordance with the size of areas of the electro-thermal transducers.
    • The transducer generates and receives high frequency sound waves that can't be heard by the human ear.