Translation of transfer in Spanish:


transferir, v.

Pronunciation /ˈtrænsfər//trɑːnzˈfəː//trɑːnsˈfəː//tranzˈfəː//trænsˈfər//transˈfəː/

transitive verb

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    • 1.1

      (account/funds) transferir
      he transferred the money to his current account transfirió el dinero a su cuenta corriente
      • Fresh questions have been raised about whether BSE can pass to sheep after officials confirmed they had transferred the disease to an animal considered the most resistant.
      • For immunoblots, proteins were transferred electrophoretically to nitrocellulose and resulting replicas were probed with antibodies.
      • Finally, if you need a blood transfusion (when donated blood is transferred into your body), you may need a blood test to check what blood group you are.
      • Work has been transferred to Scotland in a move which will see a small number of jobs created and add around £400,000 to group turnover.
      • She was then transferred by ambulance to the Balfour Hospital.
      • Otherwise, the grease and dirt on the gloves transfers to the couch or clothing.
      • I was simply transferring all the available funds to Beirut to take advantage of the interest rates there.
      • The money is transferred immediately from your account to the seller's.
      • At ten I transferred myself from the couch to the bed.
      • The seedlings are then individually transferred to tubes containing nutrient solutions adulterated with different concentrations of lead.
      • The money was subsequently transferred into the province's student loan fund.
      • On all four occasions, patients were transferred to other hospitals in the city.
      • We will find all the voter registration forms transferred by the centre and pass them to the police for investigation.
      • Here's the trick: several card companies allow you to make balance transfers directly into your bank account.
      • Two to three embryos are routinely transferred to the uterus.
      • Larvae were collected, counted, and transferred to a new food vial.
      • A 54-year-old white male patient was transferred to our hospital for worsening pneumonia.
      • Then transfer all the money to that fund.
      • When I moved a few weeks ago I transferred the drawers to the top of the new desk, since I don't have drawers at the new place.
      • Her friend Mandy used to support Leeds but has transferred her loyalties to Scarborough after moving to the resort from Hull.

    • 1.2

      (right/property) transferir
      (property/right) traspasar
      (right/property) transmitir
      she transferred the ownership of the real estate to her partner le transfirió el dominio del inmueble a su socio
      • he transferred ownership of the firm to his daughter/his shares to his wife le traspasó la compañía a su hija/sus acciones a su mujer
      • Moreover, one party cannot simply extinguish its responsibility by transferring custody to another.
      • First, property rights were transferred from advanced cooperatives to the commune, further centralizing ownership.
      • On top of this are costs like transfer duties on property, annual administration fees, stamp duties etc.
      • Eight congregations had yet to transfer property to the State when the deal was signed in June, 2002.
      • Nor was the purpose of the original grants of immunity to delegate power, but rather to transfer certain responsibilities to an intermediary.
      • In effect, it would mean transferring responsibility from the county secretary.
      • Congress has passed a bill transferring jurisdiction of the case to a federal court, and the President has signed it into law.
      • Even if a property is transferred for a value less than prescribed guidance value, the stamp duty are registration are payable as per the guidance value.
      • The call comes as new licensing laws transferring responsibility for issuing licences from magistrates to the council came into force this week.
      • The Government wants to transfer the onus of responsibility but without giving any remuneration for the costs associated with it.
      • The certificate is not a document of title and its delivery does not transfer any property in the shares covered by it.
      • The radical move forms part of a shake-up in licensing laws which will see the power to grant liquor licences transferred from magistrates to local authorities.
      • Transfer of custody does not transfer responsibility.
      • The seller transfers the property to a nominee who holds it in trust for the seller, who then in effect sells his rights under the trust, thus avoiding duty completely.
      • While use rights in livestock are transferred frequently, ownership rights are predominantly transferred after the death of a herd owner.
      • In England, married women, children, idiots and distracted persons were prohibited from transferring property out of their estates.
      • Confiscation will also be possible even if the property has passed to legal heirs, or if it was transferred to a spouse or a separate legal entity.
      • This liability is essentially your brother's, and is due irrespective of who he transfers the property to.
      • Town trusts were set up in the 1800s to protect people from corrupt boroughs but many transferred their responsibilities after parish and town councils were established in 1894.
      • Local and state legislatures eagerly read the Court's decision as an invitation to transfer other people's property to private developers.

    • 1.3

      (call) pasar
      can you transfer me to Sales? ¿me puede poner con Ventas? Spain
      • Eric heard a click as Haylie transferred the line.
      • She asked if I would like to be transferred to the phone department to talk to someone about the phone charges that are wrong.
      • Patient calls are seamlessly transferred among the different facilities.
      • The line was transferred to the man's office and he picked up as Vincent greeted, ‘Hey, Lionel.’

    • 1.4

      (prisoner/employee) trasladar
      (player) traspasar British
      he's been transferred to Boston lo han trasladado a Boston
      • we were transferred to another train nos cambiaron de tren
      • I don't know what goes on in the world of football transfers these days.
      • An example is the football club - you have players who if you transferred them all, you would have nothing on the field.
      • Rumors were rampant that he had quit the team and might transfer to Ohio State, where he had made a recruiting visit.
      • United also revealed that it had paid a total of £5.5m to footballers' agents involved in player transfers over the past 12 months.
      • The club's chairman has also said that high-earning players who are not playing or performing for the first team will be transferred.
      • An athlete who transfers and sits out a year as required by NCAA rules does so by choice.
      • These reasons could be anything from slating off other players to transfer rumours to their personal lives, but the fact is that they are the ones mostly in the limelight.
      • I agree the current players shouldn't be punished; let them transfer without having to sit out a year.
      • The former Kentucky center, who was booted off the team because he never returned from Christmas break, is transferring to Louisville.
      • While State authorities still cap players' salaries and have the final say on who can be transferred abroad, corporate-sponsored teams have rebuilt Chinese soccer.
      • But three players transferred.
      • It drives transfer markets, makes football a viable business and keeps teams fresh.
      • He moved over to St. Louis in 1899 when the owner of the two teams transferred his best players to the Cardinals.
      • If he no longer has a key role on the team, then the club should allow him to transfer out to a side that will allow him to continue to display his awesome talents.
      • Even larger amounts change hands when a star player is transferred from one club to another.

    • 1.5

      (object) pasar
      transfer the meat to a serving dish pase la carne a una fuente

    • 1.6

      (design/pattern) imprimir
      • In a busy artist's workshop, the job of transferring the master's design to the support may well have been delegated to assistants.
      • After carefully measuring and arranging their designs, the students began the process of transferring their sketches to the black background.
      • To transfer the designs, students used a barren or wooden spoon, and applied consistent pressure to the entire surface.
      • He then turned his paper over, before placing it on the canvas and applying powdered chalk to transfer the design to the surface beneath.
      • The drawing is transferred by tracing over the drawing while pressing firmly with a ballpoint pen.
      • The images were transferred lithographically or hand-painted on to glass using transparent pigments and then issued in sets of eight or twelve.
      • At least one court case has found that transferring an artwork without obtaining the artist's permission is an infringement on that artist's copyright.
      • Students use their previously prepared drawings to transfer their images to the leather-hard clay planter.
      • In the photogravure process, the image is photochemically transferred to an etching plate that has been coated with a light-sensitive emulsion.
      • Rub the back of the paper with the side of the pencil to transfer the drawing onto the eraser.
      • Using screen prints and stencils, images are transferred to stickers and stuck in clusters on newspaper boxes.
      • This is a technique for producing pictures by transferring an image from one surface to another.
      • ‘I create them by freehand before transferring the designs to a computer,’ he said.
      • This plan allows you to correctly transfer your design to your floor so you won't have your centered design off in the corner.
      • Use a black, fine-tip, permanent marker to transfer the design.
      • All the paper drawings were then transferred to animation cells in the traditional way.
      • Additionally, an artist or publisher who transfers an artwork by a license can also retain greater control over the way it is marketed.
      • They could use a light table or put graphite on the back of the newsprint to transfer the drawings to the good paper.
      • This method of enlargement has been used for hundreds of years when artists needed to transfer sketch designs to large walls for painting murals.
      • Yet once the drawings are transferred to sheets of Mylar or aluminum panels, she carefully fills their contours with enamel paint.

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    the troops transferred ships at Bordeaux las tropas hicieron transbordo / transbordaron en Burdeos
    • she transferred schools when she was 12 se cambió de colegio a los 12 años

intransitive verb


  • 1

    hacer transbordo
    you have to transfer at Chicago tiene que hacer transbordo / transbordar en Chicago
    • to transfer to sth
    • John transferred to another course/department John se cambió a otro curso/se trasladó a otro departamento
    • the passengers transferred to a bus los pasajeros se bajaron y tomaron un autobús


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    Finance Law
    (of funds, accounts) transferencia feminine
    (of property) transferencia feminine
    (of property) traspaso masculine
    (of property) transmisión feminine
    (of power) transferencia feminine
  • 2

    (of employee) traslado masculine
    (of player) traspaso masculine British
    she applied for a transfer solicitó el traslado
    • their best player has asked for a transfer su mejor jugador ha pedido el traspaso
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    (of passengers)
    transbordo masculine
  • 4

    he's a transfer from another branch lo han trasladado de otra sucursal
    • the club's latest transfer el último fichaje del club
    • transfer season época de traspasos
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    (on journeys, tours)
    traslado masculine
  • 6US


    billete mediante el cual se puede cambiar de tren o autobús sin pago adicional

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    calcomanía feminine