Translation of transfer in Spanish:


transferir, v.

Pronunciation /tranzˈfəː//transˈfəː//trɑːnzˈfəː//trɑːnsˈfəː//trænsˈfər//ˈtrænsfər/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (funds/account) transferir
      he transferred the money to his current account transfirió el dinero a su cuenta corriente
      • We will find all the voter registration forms transferred by the centre and pass them to the police for investigation.
      • At ten I transferred myself from the couch to the bed.
      • Work has been transferred to Scotland in a move which will see a small number of jobs created and add around £400,000 to group turnover.
      • The seedlings are then individually transferred to tubes containing nutrient solutions adulterated with different concentrations of lead.
      • Here's the trick: several card companies allow you to make balance transfers directly into your bank account.
      • Her friend Mandy used to support Leeds but has transferred her loyalties to Scarborough after moving to the resort from Hull.
      • Then transfer all the money to that fund.
      • Larvae were collected, counted, and transferred to a new food vial.
      • I was simply transferring all the available funds to Beirut to take advantage of the interest rates there.
      • The money was subsequently transferred into the province's student loan fund.
      • On all four occasions, patients were transferred to other hospitals in the city.
      • A 54-year-old white male patient was transferred to our hospital for worsening pneumonia.
      • Finally, if you need a blood transfusion (when donated blood is transferred into your body), you may need a blood test to check what blood group you are.
      • Otherwise, the grease and dirt on the gloves transfers to the couch or clothing.
      • For immunoblots, proteins were transferred electrophoretically to nitrocellulose and resulting replicas were probed with antibodies.
      • When I moved a few weeks ago I transferred the drawers to the top of the new desk, since I don't have drawers at the new place.
      • The money is transferred immediately from your account to the seller's.
      • She was then transferred by ambulance to the Balfour Hospital.
      • Fresh questions have been raised about whether BSE can pass to sheep after officials confirmed they had transferred the disease to an animal considered the most resistant.
      • Two to three embryos are routinely transferred to the uterus.

    • 1.2

      (property/right) transferir
      (property/right) traspasar
      (property/right) transmitir
      she transferred the ownership of the real estate to her partner le transfirió el dominio del inmueble a su socio
      • he transferred ownership of the firm to his daughter/his shares to his wife le traspasó la compañía a su hija/sus acciones a su mujer
      • In effect, it would mean transferring responsibility from the county secretary.
      • In England, married women, children, idiots and distracted persons were prohibited from transferring property out of their estates.
      • Confiscation will also be possible even if the property has passed to legal heirs, or if it was transferred to a spouse or a separate legal entity.
      • The call comes as new licensing laws transferring responsibility for issuing licences from magistrates to the council came into force this week.
      • The Government wants to transfer the onus of responsibility but without giving any remuneration for the costs associated with it.
      • Moreover, one party cannot simply extinguish its responsibility by transferring custody to another.
      • Eight congregations had yet to transfer property to the State when the deal was signed in June, 2002.
      • On top of this are costs like transfer duties on property, annual administration fees, stamp duties etc.
      • The radical move forms part of a shake-up in licensing laws which will see the power to grant liquor licences transferred from magistrates to local authorities.
      • Even if a property is transferred for a value less than prescribed guidance value, the stamp duty are registration are payable as per the guidance value.
      • Congress has passed a bill transferring jurisdiction of the case to a federal court, and the President has signed it into law.
      • Local and state legislatures eagerly read the Court's decision as an invitation to transfer other people's property to private developers.
      • Town trusts were set up in the 1800s to protect people from corrupt boroughs but many transferred their responsibilities after parish and town councils were established in 1894.
      • While use rights in livestock are transferred frequently, ownership rights are predominantly transferred after the death of a herd owner.
      • The certificate is not a document of title and its delivery does not transfer any property in the shares covered by it.
      • This liability is essentially your brother's, and is due irrespective of who he transfers the property to.
      • The seller transfers the property to a nominee who holds it in trust for the seller, who then in effect sells his rights under the trust, thus avoiding duty completely.
      • Transfer of custody does not transfer responsibility.
      • First, property rights were transferred from advanced cooperatives to the commune, further centralizing ownership.
      • Nor was the purpose of the original grants of immunity to delegate power, but rather to transfer certain responsibilities to an intermediary.

    • 1.3

      (call) pasar
      can you transfer me to Sales? ¿me puede comunicar con Ventas?
      • She asked if I would like to be transferred to the phone department to talk to someone about the phone charges that are wrong.
      • Eric heard a click as Haylie transferred the line.
      • Patient calls are seamlessly transferred among the different facilities.
      • The line was transferred to the man's office and he picked up as Vincent greeted, ‘Hey, Lionel.’

    • 1.4

      (employee/prisoner) trasladar
      (player) traspasar British
      he's been transferred to Boston lo han trasladado a Boston
      • we were transferred to another train nos cambiaron de tren
      • These reasons could be anything from slating off other players to transfer rumours to their personal lives, but the fact is that they are the ones mostly in the limelight.
      • If he no longer has a key role on the team, then the club should allow him to transfer out to a side that will allow him to continue to display his awesome talents.
      • United also revealed that it had paid a total of £5.5m to footballers' agents involved in player transfers over the past 12 months.
      • The former Kentucky center, who was booted off the team because he never returned from Christmas break, is transferring to Louisville.
      • While State authorities still cap players' salaries and have the final say on who can be transferred abroad, corporate-sponsored teams have rebuilt Chinese soccer.
      • It drives transfer markets, makes football a viable business and keeps teams fresh.
      • He moved over to St. Louis in 1899 when the owner of the two teams transferred his best players to the Cardinals.
      • An athlete who transfers and sits out a year as required by NCAA rules does so by choice.
      • I agree the current players shouldn't be punished; let them transfer without having to sit out a year.
      • An example is the football club - you have players who if you transferred them all, you would have nothing on the field.
      • But three players transferred.
      • I don't know what goes on in the world of football transfers these days.
      • The club's chairman has also said that high-earning players who are not playing or performing for the first team will be transferred.
      • Even larger amounts change hands when a star player is transferred from one club to another.
      • Rumors were rampant that he had quit the team and might transfer to Ohio State, where he had made a recruiting visit.

    • 1.5

      (object) pasar
      transfer the meat to a serving dish pase la carne a una fuente

    • 1.6

      (design/pattern) imprimir
      • Using screen prints and stencils, images are transferred to stickers and stuck in clusters on newspaper boxes.
      • He then turned his paper over, before placing it on the canvas and applying powdered chalk to transfer the design to the surface beneath.
      • This method of enlargement has been used for hundreds of years when artists needed to transfer sketch designs to large walls for painting murals.
      • In the photogravure process, the image is photochemically transferred to an etching plate that has been coated with a light-sensitive emulsion.
      • Rub the back of the paper with the side of the pencil to transfer the drawing onto the eraser.
      • To transfer the designs, students used a barren or wooden spoon, and applied consistent pressure to the entire surface.
      • In a busy artist's workshop, the job of transferring the master's design to the support may well have been delegated to assistants.
      • Yet once the drawings are transferred to sheets of Mylar or aluminum panels, she carefully fills their contours with enamel paint.
      • They could use a light table or put graphite on the back of the newsprint to transfer the drawings to the good paper.
      • All the paper drawings were then transferred to animation cells in the traditional way.
      • This plan allows you to correctly transfer your design to your floor so you won't have your centered design off in the corner.
      • The images were transferred lithographically or hand-painted on to glass using transparent pigments and then issued in sets of eight or twelve.
      • Additionally, an artist or publisher who transfers an artwork by a license can also retain greater control over the way it is marketed.
      • Use a black, fine-tip, permanent marker to transfer the design.
      • Students use their previously prepared drawings to transfer their images to the leather-hard clay planter.
      • The drawing is transferred by tracing over the drawing while pressing firmly with a ballpoint pen.
      • This is a technique for producing pictures by transferring an image from one surface to another.
      • After carefully measuring and arranging their designs, the students began the process of transferring their sketches to the black background.
      • At least one court case has found that transferring an artwork without obtaining the artist's permission is an infringement on that artist's copyright.
      • ‘I create them by freehand before transferring the designs to a computer,’ he said.

  • 2

    the troops transferred ships at Bordeaux las tropas hicieron transbordo / transbordaron en Burdeos
    • she transferred schools when she was 12 se cambió de colegio a los 12 años

intransitive verb


  • 1

    hacer transbordo
    you have to transfer at Chicago tiene que hacer transbordo / transbordar en Chicago
    • to transfer to sth
    • John transferred to another course/department John se cambió a otro curso/se trasladó a otro departamento
    • the passengers transferred to a bus los pasajeros se bajaron y tomaron un autobús
    • Another key dislike is transferring, they like a direct journey, really they want to get from A to B as quickly and as easily as possible.
    • It means rail passengers will no longer have to transfer to buses for journeys around Stockport.
    • A few minutes later, the bus arrives at the location where I need to transfer to another route.
    • At one point I transferred to another bus and had to stand at a stop for about 15 minutes.
    • They escaped in a stolen car driven by a third man which was waiting on South King Street and the gang then transferred to another stolen car which was later found abandoned in Salford.


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    • 1.1Finance Law

      (of funds, accounts) transferencia feminine
      (of property) transferencia feminine
      (of property) traspaso masculine
      (of property) transmisión feminine
      (of power) transferencia feminine
      • It is submitted that these transfers are fraudulent conveyances.
      • In a marriage breakdown, tie up property transfers by deed of separation/divorce which is confirmed by court decree.
      • One tool might be to authorize interbasin transfers, moving water from one basin to another.
      • But thereafter further share transfers were not registered in the register of members.
      • Like capital acquisitions tax, all transfers of property under documents between spouses are exempt from stamp duty.
      • Booms are almost by definition a huge transfer of wealth from one section of the population to another leaving many in the lurch.
      • It engineered a net transfer of wealth, at an increasing rate, from the poor countries to the rich, making the former poorer and the latter richer.
      • In other words, it lays the legal foundations for the privatization of the country's oil wealth and its transfer to US-based energy conglomerates.
      • Gift economies are not so much exchanges between two agents as they are transfers, the sheer moving of stuff through webs of human relations.
      • It was also intended that, after the transfer of the properties, the new owner would manage the whole portfolio.
      • In addition, the trust must be constituted by the transfer of property to the trustee, which the Trustee maintains has not occurred.
      • The use of a systematic clinical protocol reduced hospital costs and length of stay and improved transfer of patients within the hospital.
      • And, despite the newly deflated estimates of the wealth transfer, businesses are still vying to help Boomers spend their parents' money.
      • Teachers claim the transfers are designed to divert attention from the shortage of trained teachers in the system.
      • Though ghost stories of the Kakaako Fire Stations have thrived, it has not prompted firefighters to request a transfer to another station.
      • First, speculative activity behaves like a pendulum involving a transfer of wealth from one section of the population to another.
      • Yet after nearly 100 years of this, and massive transfers of wealth from earners to takers, the arguments are still the same.
      • After a period of time, the contract will be performed or completed by the transfer or conveyance of the legal estate by the vendor to the purchaser.
      • The direct transfer of wealth and material from conquered peoples, as practised by the Romans, the British, and even the Russians after 1945, just hasn't happened.
      • Property booms, like any booms, are nothing more than a transfer of wealth from one section of society to another.
      • That, however, is regarded as a radical solution, since it would erode the value of savings and amount to a huge transfer of wealth to borrowers.
      • Even with the lowered estimate of the wealth transfer, no one denies that more than $1 trillion will still end up in Boomer pockets over the next decade.
      • A transfer of authority to another body lessens our own Government's sovereignty and the ability to determine domestic standards and conformance.
      • The prisoner walked out of HMP Kirkham open prison within hours of his transfer from a secure unit.
      • The simplest answer is that at key points in our history, forced transfers of property have been perceived to be the best solution to particular social problems.
      • Not only does that entail a transfer of wealth from cities to suburbs, it also means that services are not supplied where they are most valued.
      • Article 14 also contains provisions as to what should happen if the transferor defaults in executing a transfer of his shares.
      • Whether the same applies to transfers of company property by the controllers in order to put it out of the reach of creditors, in circumstances of actual or pending insolvency, remains doubtful.
      • In many, if not most, cases, the charge itself will have been executed before the execution, let alone the exchange, of the conveyance or transfer of the property.
      • The question here is whether a transfer of property that extinguishes the trust by merging the beneficial and legal interest can in any sense be said to retire a trustee.
      • If your Honour looks to the instrument of conveyance, the transfer, it is an unqualified transfer of the unencumbered fee simple.
      • Tara said she would arrange the transfer to another account but she did not do this.
      • Their effect is the early transfer of jurisdiction for management of such cases from magistrates to the Crown Court.
      • Both parties shall execute all property transfers and documents reasonably necessary to fully effect the sale closing, failing which the court may be spoken to for directions.
      • ‘Conveyance’ being the transfer of property from the conveyor to the purchaser.
      • Gifts to the university come to us as cash, stock transfers, property, pledges to be paid over time, wills, estates, trusts and life insurance policies.
      • What would have been a reasonable time for registration of the share transfers?
      • Are transfers of wealth to Third World governments really an aid to economic development?
      • There is a mandatory 10-day waiting period to allow for the possibility of a transfer to another hospital, to allow for a trip to the court house.
      • The second case concerned property or capital transfers made before the 1991 Act came into force.

    • 1.2

      (of employee) traslado masculine
      (of player) traspaso masculine British
      she applied for a transfer solicitó el traslado
      • their best player has asked for a transfer su mejor jugador ha pedido el traspaso

    • 1.3(of passengers)

      transbordo masculine
      • Hopefully he caught the right subway trains, made his transfer, and got to the station with enough time to catch his Metro North train home.
      • This transfer would delay the latter train a few minutes, long enough for us to make our transfer.
      • The station was recently rebuilt, and we found that the transfer between directions is within the paid area of the station.
      • The shortage of sheltered safe berthing forces commercial craft to moor off in stormy conditions with potentially hazardous transfers in open boats.
      • Base fare on the line is $1.75, but with the unlimited transfers one can feel they got their money's worth.
      • This line would afford our group a convenient transfer to the Flushing end of the 7 line.
      • Despite bursts of slow running south of Fort Lauderdale we arrived at the Miami Metrorail transfer only 7 minutes late.
      • Warwick station is a major park-and-ride, bus transfer and walk-on station.
      • I have never read anything about transfers being available.
      • It was possible to get to Smyrna by bus but it would take several transfers one of which would be to another county's bus system.
      • The transfer was missed since the train was running late.
      • When we are in town in July, this transfer will be made on a weekday, so we will have better access to the station.
      • At Dave's request, the station dispatcher routed us to the track adjacent to the Lake Shore to enable a simple cross-platform transfer for this lady.
      • Waldorf Transfer Co. was a small, local contractor in Hamilton, Ontario that provided baggage transfer between various stations.
      • The business folks had shared $80 cab rides from the Miami Metrorail transfer to West Palm Beach.
      • Just north of the Metrorail transfer station we passed Amtrak's yards and Miami area station on the left.
      • There is still one transfer a day between Lambton and Toronto Yard, handling local traffic for as far west as Streetsville and Guelph Junction!
      • Our trip was several minutes to Jackson, where we detrained for our transfer.
      • The airline's situation deteriorated further following its costly transfer to the new Athens-Spata International Airport.
      • With a single fare card, it is also easy to encourage using public transport by introducing rebates for intermodal transfer.

    • 1.4(person)

      he's a transfer from another branch lo han trasladado de otra sucursal
      • the club's latest transfer el último fichaje del club
      • transfer season época de traspasos

  • 2

    • 2.1Transport
      (on journeys, tours)

      traslado masculine

    • 2.2US (permit)

      • The new system will feature magnetic FareSaver tickets and ticket transfers which passengers will be able to insert into digital fare boxes on buses.
      • The metro system in the reference design is very cunning: there are only three lines, and everything is reachable with a single transfer.
      • Passengers can ask for a transfer ticket when they board the bus.
      • Twenty stations and unlimited transfers allow riders to move easily from one line to another, and one fare takes them nearly anywhere in the metropolitan region.
      • The timetables should offer frequent services with common minimum standards across the whole city, and fares should allow for free transfers.
      • This guy killed a bus driver over a bus transfer ticket.

      billete mediante el cual se puede cambiar de tren o autobús sin pago adicional

  • 3

    calcomanía feminine
    • You have a hoop, needle, iron-on transfers and skeins of embroidery floss.
    • To offer no extras seems a crime but I'll settle for the gorgeous transfer and original anamorphic aspect ratio.
    • It's easier to use, is more consistent and has a larger surface for bigger transfers.
    • You can stencil, stamp, use an iron-on transfer or freehand a design.
    • Assorted paint sets are available with projects or iron-on transfers.
    • On one side of the cloth are transfers of photos and newspaper cuttings and on the reverse I wrote this poem.
    • Once the paper is removed, wipe away the backing residue from the transfer with a paper towel.
    • They did a fine job with the transfer, as the picture is clear and crisp.
    • Two of the items purchased include iron-on transfers.
    • A local company came to the rescue with a brilliant way of putting our designs on to their computer and producing huge transfers which could be stuck straight on to the caravan.