Translation of transgression in Spanish:


transgresión, n.

Pronunciation /tranzˈɡrɛʃn//trɑːnsˈɡrɛʃn//transˈɡrɛʃn//trænsˈɡrɛʃən//trænzˈɡrɛʃən//trɑːnzˈɡrɛʃn/



  • 1

    transgresión feminine formal
    infracción feminine
    Religion pecado masculine
    Religion falta feminine
    • Are gay students going to be the only students whose transgressions would be kept secret from their parents?
    • He was far too indulgent of players' transgressions and inevitably an element of indiscipline crept into the play.
    • One admits to a crime, a transgression, not an illness, unless the illness is a crime, and depression is not.
    • Confront transgressions as they occur with the assumption that your corrections are guidance.
    • But, like I said, what I hate more is people who do not own up to their transgressions.
    • Mobiles ringing in the dressing room, lateness and the wrong kit are all transgressions that can lead to coughing up dollars.
    • Media organizations need to be punished for their transgressions by whatever means possible.