Translation of transitive in Spanish:


transitivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtransɪtɪv//ˈtrænsədɪv//ˈtrænzədɪv//ˈtranzɪtɪv//ˈtrɑːnzɪtɪv//ˈtrɑːnsɪtɪv/


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    (verb/use) transitivo
    • However, some transitive verbs take a prepositional phrase instead of an indirect object.
    • Furthermore, the verbs are usually transitive, though occasionally they are used intransitively with a preposition like for, of, or about introducing the object.
    • But it is the rare transitive use of the verb, with the action sent on to an object, that catches the attention of philologists.
    • The first part of the utterance seems to be in English, except for the verb rub which has been given the Tok Pisin suffix - im, which marks transitive verbs.
    • A grammar of Japanese will tell you that a transitive verb is positioned after its object, not before, because you couldn't guess that if no one told you.