Translation of translucent in Spanish:


traslúcido, adj.

Pronunciation /tranzˈluːs(ə)nt//trænsˈlusnt//trɑːnsˈluːs(ə)nt//transˈluːs(ə)nt//trɑːnzˈluːs(ə)nt//trænzˈlusnt/


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    (glass/skin/sky) traslúcido
    (glass/skin/sky) translúcido
    • Our home base was a huge glowing translucent submarine, shaped like a blimp.
    • In the front, translucent fabric is backed with a solid to create a precise tone.
    • The business end is translucent and has some light emitting diodes inside.
    • He would have placed a screen of some translucent material, perhaps oiled paper supported on glass, in the opening.
    • Choose a translucent powder to blend with your skin tone and apply with a puff or brush.
    • The jug had been sealed with a large disc of cork, onto which about half an inch of translucent wax had been poured as an airtight seal.
    • Whereas most walls were brick or concrete, her wall was made of a translucent stone.
    • It was served to us with a translucent cookie studded with whole roasted pumpkin seeds.
    • On top of it all was a flimsy, translucent material embedding the palm trees picture.
    • The drive was long and windy and I enjoyed the sun on my translucent skin.
    • It would have been dark except for the light coming from the translucent side panels.
    • The thick, translucent slices were encased in a light batter that was appropriately oily.
    • It makes a light-textured, translucent paste without any flavour of its own, and will set to an almost clear gel.
    • Like the two bathrooms directly above it on the first floor, it, too, is daylit through a wall of translucent glass blocks.
    • Her hair was so white it glowed softly in the gray light and her skin was translucent.
    • The light was a soft translucent blue that became brighter or darker depending on my depth.
    • The rusted wire was draped with a coat of translucent ice, the frozen water hanging down in inverted spires.
    • The adhesive dries to a semi translucent plastic but can be coloured.
    • Put in a heavy saucepan with the olive oil and fry over a moderate heat for a few minutes until the onion is translucent.
    • Its surface is covered by an inorganic, orange-yellow translucent material.