Translation of transparency in Spanish:


transparencia, n.

Pronunciation /trɑːnˈspar(ə)nsi//tranˈspar(ə)nsi//tranˈspɛːr(ə)nsi//ˌtrænˈspɛrənsi//trɑːnˈspɛːr(ə)nsi/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of material)

      transparencia feminine
      • Measurement and information systems need to be developed to provide full transparency throughout public education.
      • She also demanded transparency in the evaluation process of the candidates.
      • Yet passions will be inflamed in this instance, and complete transparency of the process is required.
      • A single currency will also increase price transparency and thus highlight price differences still existing between Member States.
      • The on-line service provides full transparency by maintaining computerised records of the feed inputs used in the rearing of animals.
      • We also want to see more transparency with regard to securities, derivative transactions, investment, and guarantees.
      • Increased price transparency - the process of making inefficient markets more efficient - will send ripple effects through the economy.
      • Yet the talks failed over two relatively minor issues - trade facilitation and transparency in government procurement.
      • Corporate executives, however, see more to lose than gain from increased transparency.
      • But they resisted talks on more transparency in government procurement.
      • Demands for greater financial transparency were resisted at every turn.
      • In essence, the rationality means transparency with regard to both investment strategies and performance.
      • Programs to improve financial transparency, corporate governance and debt reduction were hard to find.
      • The material can achieve optical transparency of better than 95 % for sheet resistance values in excess of 1000 /.
      • Central and provincial authorities should do more to promote transparency in government procurement and contract bidding.
      • Full transparency is maintained by publishing the reserves and the aggregate balance in the clearing accounts of the banking system.
      • At the same time, society is demanding more transparency in those business transactions.
      • Authorities also introduced an open land tender system last year to improve market transparency, replacing often opaque land sales.
      • In simple terms, the new code will create transparency in the process.
      • Hopefully, this legislation will bring greater transparency in these transactions.

    • 1.2(of lies, behavior)

      transparencia feminine

  • 2

    transparencia feminine
    diapositiva feminine
    (for overhead projector) transparencia feminine
    • The effect is not unlike a large colour transparency seen on a light box.
    • I was the official photographer, first in black-and-white (home processed), later in colour transparency.
    • She then presents the photographs as transparencies in light-boxes.
    • Photographic images can be used in the design by shining a light through a transparency onto a chemically treated mesh.
    • The technical equipment for displaying overhead transparencies is widely available and reliable.
    • He paged through about a dozen transparencies on the overhead projector.
    • Briefly, two aqueous chambers are separated by a partition made from overhead transparency film.
    • Combined with the new photographs was work I had already done from color transparencies.
    • I also made color separation negatives from color transparencies by enlarging in the darkroom.
    • Documentation can take the form of written language transcriptions, audiotapes, photographs, videotapes, video prints, overhead transparencies, and children's productions.
    • On this occasion I shot with transparency film, and after dark with ISO 400 colour negative.
    • I made transparencies of their original sketches and we used overhead projectors to trace their designs on the walls.
    • Each CD contained all the full-color Russian overhead transparencies that I used in my lectures.
    • All that's missing is a transparency adapter for converting slides.
    • The transcripts were read in the group using overhead transparencies after changing the identifying information.
    • One raster pixel image is rendered on paper, and the second image is rendered on transparency film.
    • Light micrographs were taken in digital form and as conventional black and white negative and colour transparencies.
    • Any person with photographs, transparencies, or film negatives can contribute to this project simply by applying.
    • Electronic images, transparencies and glossy prints are acceptable.
    • If you're using the images for the web, a flatbed scanner with transparency adapter will do nicely.