Translation of transport in Spanish:


transporte, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtrɑːnspɔːt//ˈtranspɔːt//ˈtræn(t)spɔrt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(movement)

      transporte masculine British
      (network/costs) (before noun) de transporte
      means of transport medio de transporte masculine
      • air transport transporte aéreo
      • sea transport transporte marítimo
      • rail transport transporte por ferrocarril
      • road transport transporte por carretera
      • transport policy política de transporte
      • transport system sistema de transporte(s)
      • British architects, builders, developers and clients for buildings have something else in common with people involved in transport and distribution.
      • Bulgaria should have eliminated the state subsidy for the coal mining and begun to implement differentiation in transport and distribution pricing of natural gas.
      • The transport of oil, kegs and tanks by rail on the four routes will continue as normal.
      • Another role of insulin is to stimulate the active transport of amino acids into cells.
      • Duty, transport and distribution are fixed costs, so the more you spend, the more wine you get for your money.
      • There is also large-scale downstream pollution caused by long-distance transport of industrial food.
      • Some of this is from the oil cargo evaporating during transport (about 3.7 million tons per year).
      • The next step in this process is malnutrition, since active transport of nutrients become impaired.
      • These applications include collection, storage, and transmission or transport of accumulated data, typically in very large sets.
      • The project is further expected to facilitate the transport of heavy-duty goods to the north.
      • The industrial world is totally and completely dependent upon oil for agriculture and transport.
      • This makes transport and delivery very expensive, he said.
      • He has worked in transport, distribution and logistics for three years previously, and now works as a construction site foreman and travels on the Sandringham line.
      • Removal of crab from seawater causes significant physical and physiological stress on the crab that can lead to mortality during transport and distribution.
      • In August, through the generosity of our church and friends, we were able to send money to buy 300 bags of maize and pay for transport and distribution.
      • The committee must therefore pay the remainder of the cost and all transport costs.

    • 1.2British (vehicle)

      now she has her own transport ahora tiene transporte
      • salesperson required: own transport essential se necesita vendedor: vehículo propio imprescindible

    • 1.3also transport shipMilitary

      buque de transporte masculine

    • 1.4also transport planeMilitary

      avión de transporte masculine

    • 1.5US (shipment)

      remesa feminine

  • 2literary

    (of emotion)
    she was in transports of delight at the news estaba extática con la noticia
    • the news sent her into a transport of rage la noticia la puso fuera de sí (de la rabia)
    • I am lost in transports of admiration for your bravery!
    • You live in a state of utter seriousness with intermittent transports of rapture.
    • Will other political parties follow suit, in seeking out their own politically symbolic transports of delight?
    • Now Pop is, above all, well-adjusted; it doesn't seek to transfigure the world, offers us no transports of ecstasy or escape.
    • She would have been consumed with transports of joy.
    • There's a floodlit stage and electronic band of ‘gruperos’ in transports of salsa-invoked delirium.
    • The mastery of each instrument and the cohesion and beauty of the orchestra was a transport of delight for this audience.
    • Like scarlet moss, it carries the reader to ever-higher transports of delight.
    • He saw the naked bodies of men and women in postures and transports of passionate love.
    • The words of the budget speech by the Finance Minister would have had the country's poor in transports of joy, but the rhetoric was not matched by equivalent spending commitments.
    • All told, we're talking about a multitude in transports of joy.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (goods/people/animals) transportar
    as you enter the palace you are transported to another age al entrar al palacio uno se transporta a otra época
  • 2

    (convict) deportar
  • 3literary

    to be transported with joy/delight estar extasiado/embelesado
    • she was transported with joy when she learned that ... se quedó extática cuando se enteró de que ...