Translation of trappings in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtrapɪŋz//ˈtræpɪŋz/

plural noun

  • 1

    she was seduced by the trappings of office se dejó seducir por toda la ceremonia que conlleva el cargo
    • all the trappings of success los símbolos del éxito
    • bereft of the trappings of royalty despojado del boato de la realeza
  • 2

    (of horse)
    arreos masculine
    jaeces masculine
    • Want a parade saddle, complete with scrolled pewter trappings and conchos?
    • Founded in Seville in 1892, El Caballo is a manufacturer of harnesses and leather trappings.
    • We freed the horses from their trappings, and I went about setting up our camp.
    • It also includes used animal trappings such as harnesses, saddles, halters, reins, rope and chain.