Translation of trash in Spanish:


basura, n.

Pronunciation: /traʃ//træʃ/


  • 1US

    basura feminine
    before noun trash bag bolsa de la basura feminine
    • trash compacter triturador de basura
    • trash heap montón de basura
    • Landowners, too, can be held responsible should someone decide to discard their trash on private property.
    • Discarded trash and rusty machines lay dead within the yard.
    • She sighed and tossed the bottle into the trash.
    • Medical sharps, such as disposable hypodermic needles and scalpel blades should never be discarded loosely into the trash.
    • Bacteria and fungi primarily break down the organic matter in the trash.
    • If it's diseased or infested with insects, bag it and discard in the trash.
    • Filled with trash and discarded items, it burned up in the Earth's atmosphere soon afterward.
    • Snowdrifts of plastic shopping bags and discarded fast-food trash got you down?
    • Rinse containers well before discarding in the trash.
    • Magazines, plastic cups, and all sort of trash were discarded all across the floor.
    • I know but he refuses to empty the trash himself.
    • Daphne had work to do, collecting pillows and helping people discard trash.
    • They are like waves pounding a shore, the wide, vast shore that is my mind - now beginning to fill with the litter and trash of a discarded relationship.
    • Now, slam-dunk those soggy tissues into the trash… right along with that yearbook photo you ripped down from inside your locker.
    • Drills, lathes, and milling machines produce metal trimmings that machine shops discard as trash or melt down for reuse.
    • The older fisherman can recall former days when the waters were clear and the beaches were free of trash and discarded items.
    • The sharp needle tips are collected inside the container and the remainder of the syringe barrel can be safely discarded in the trash.
    • Someone could go through your trash to find discarded receipts or carbons and use them to learn your account numbers.
    • The walls were torn and dirty, books were scattered everywhere; pages ripped out and discarded like trash.
    • Do away with the trash; line your pockets with cash.
  • 2

    (worthless stuff)
    basura feminine
    stop talking trash! ¡deja de decir estupideces!
    • I am astonished that The Register continues to carry this trash (or, for that matter, its author).
    • I was lying in my cell, reading some trash from the prison library, wondering who they were going to give me as a cellmate.
    • In fact the idea of trash tabloids is just the opposite.
    • Thinking that the books are frivolous trash of no value is apparently an out-of-date misconception common only to those who have never read them.
    • A small warning though, I have been known to read complete trash from time to time.
    • Nothing like an unbiased free press to stir up intelligent debate, although coming from the UK, with its tabloid trash, I'm hardly one to talk really.
    • But I think a better activity for you would be learning to spell and read something except trash novels and books.
    • I don't subscribe to the view that readers in this market equate broadsheet with quality and tabloid with trash.
    • You catch up on movies, read trash and get tucked in by nice young men who offer you Vogue…
    • There's the tabloid variety trash filled with the juicy details of the latest break-ups and make-ups.
    • It is tabloid trash no matter how you dress it up or justify it to yourselves.
    • As far as throwaway movies go, it is top quality trash.
    • I'm also talking rip-offs, exploitation movies, mindless sequels, trash masquerading as quality.
    • It'll probably make good trash midweek viewing once the characters have established and the inevitable ‘het girl gets drunk and sleeps with a woman’ happens.
    • Compare the trash of the entirety of this year's SuperBowl halftime compared with the classic halftime performance of U2 two years ago.
    • This concept was rejected as trash and thrown into dust in 1990 as a result of anti - India insurgency.
    • While I agree with Flux that this movie will probably be trash, I have to disagree about the vehicle shifting properties of the robots.
    • But after reading this article from this damn tabloid trash, I am being won over.
    • Their hands, mostly left clasping right, or right clasping left, holding the odd newspaper or the odd trash tabloid, grasping the odd book like a lifeline.
  • 3USinformal

    escoria feminine
    white trash blancos pobres del sur de los EEUU
    • Though her father repeatedly refers to poor whites as trash, her mother insists that they be referred to as people.
    • This idiot is the worst kind of trash imaginable.
    • Otherwise, I'm afraid, it's you who ends up looking like bottom-feeding trash - no matter how you speak or where you went to school.
    • I don't care how rich or accomplished a person is, if they cannot show basic manners in public then they're trash.
    • Hopefully, this action will aid me in getting rid of the unwanted trash reading my blog.
    • When Eddy showed up at Sir Christopher's Cassandra had immediately sized her up as no good foreign trash and taken to making her education the worst possible.
    • If she lived in a small American town, we'd consider her trash.
    • Yet Shaft keeps on operating, pulling questionable legal tricks and using deceit and deception to fool the gangland trash of the streets.
    • It was the perfect cliché of poor white redneck trash.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (dispose of)
    botar (a la basura) Latin America River Plate
    tirar (a la basura) Spain River Plate
  • 2informal

    (movie/book) poner por los suelos
    (movie/book) poner por el suelo
    (person) despellejar informal
    (person) poner verde Spain informal
  • 3slang