Translation of traumatize in Spanish:


traumatizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈtrɔməˌtaɪz//ˈtrɔːmətʌɪz//ˈtraʊməˌtaɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Miss Sharp said both victims were still deeply traumatised by the experience.
    • Children who are traumatized by witnessing or experiencing criminal or family violence often go untreated, said Fink.
    • The mental devastation of this experience has seriously traumatized him, leaving him full of fear.
    • In addition, Byrne has examined how some offenders may become traumatised by their actions.
    • On the other hand, the report says, the boys in the militia mostly felt guilt and shame and are traumatized by their experience.
    • Lawyers said the men had been deeply traumatised by their experiences.
    • The decision should also take into account a likely traumatising parental experience as in febrile convulsions.
    • Of course, most of us experience this as something traumatising, shocking, where you can never be sure.
    • One child was so traumatised by the experience she could not stop vomiting and had to be hospitalised.
    • She escaped serious injury but, says her mum, remains traumatised by the experience.
    • Gardai said the victim was very shocked and traumatised by the ordeal but didn't require hospitalisation.
    • Literally thousands more have been traumatized by the direct experience of violence and by the loss of loved ones.
    • He survived, but was terribly traumatised by the experience.
    • Often too the parents are severely traumatized by the experience of detention, which reduces their ability to parent their children.
    • He didn't want to risk that subjects might become stressed or would be traumatized in any way.
    • Walter's repeated nightmares also make the point about how offenders can be traumatised by their own offences.
    • Writers saw something captivating about trains and the potentially liberating but traumatising experience of riding in them.
    • It was among the most unpleasant and traumatizing experiences of my life and deeply underlined my already well-set negative self-image.
    • The community of this tranquil village has been shocked and traumatised by this senseless and barbaric crime.
    • She said the experience traumatized her kids for life and put a permanent nix on their relationship with their father.