Translation of travelator in Spanish:


pasillo móvil, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtrævəleɪdər//ˈtravəleɪtə/


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    pasillo móvil masculine
    • The second travelator connects well with the first and conveys you diagonally through to the upper floor and the big main gallery space.
    • It is one of the most modern structures of its kind in the country with access to the various levels by a travelator, stairwells, and lift.
    • In 1960, Europe's first travelator began operating at London's Bank Tube station.
    • On the travelator, a tattooed Dutchman speaks rapidly to a girlfriend via his mobile phone whilst walking at full speed against the direction of the belt - perhaps some bizarre form of exercise for exhibitionists.
    • The multi-storey car park will feature ground, first, second and roof level parking along with a travelator, stairwells, road ramps and lift servicing all floor levels.
    • The hero is seen running on an airport travelator.
    • Future plans also include the creation of a town plaza in Mersey Square, the transformation of Princes Street and the construction of a 500 metre travelator linking Stockport train and bus stations.
    • Karen's husband John, a pilot, said: ‘I think for all the profits they make they could make sure the travelator in the Skywalk works.’
    • Inside, travelators connect the various gallery spaces, so that visitors can glide up through the building (a la Centre Pompidou) and then walk down and explore the exhibitions.
    • The public walk directly into the new terminal's retail level from the parking area and can then connect to the departures and arrivals levels by using the inclined travelators.
    • The new-look store on Park Road certainly seems to be proving a big hit with shoppers who are delighted with the high-tech travelator which ferries laden-down customers to the rooftop car park with great ease.
    • All you need to do to be in the running is to write your name and contact details on the back of a receipt from any of the participating stores and place them in the barrel at the top of the travelator.
    • But I knew I had chosen the right woman a few days later when Sue and I were walking on the travelator over to Bowen House and Richard was walking the other way.
    • Four travelators were switched on today, marking the next milestone in the station's £55m transformation which is due to be finished in time for the Commonwealth Games.
    • They can even enjoy a meal in the trendy cafe Les Viperes, which is set between the river view and the visitors rising to the galleries on the great diagonal travelator.
    • An attractive feature of the terminal is an inclined travelator (moving pavement), the first on the continent, which functions like a massive elevator.